Mito 水戸

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Mito is the prefectural capital of Ibaraki Prefecture. The city was the power base of the Mito clan during the Edo Period (1603-1867), one of the three main families that dominated Japan during this time. 

  • Airport

    Ibaraki Airport (IBR) - 40 minutes by bus to Mito


  • Train Station

    Mito Station :

    JR Joban, Mito, Hitachi, Suigun and Tokiwa Lines

    The Oarai Kashima Line on the Kashima Rinkai Railway

  • Districts

    Tokiwacho - Kobuntei-House and Kairakuen

    Midoricho - Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History

    Gokencho - Art Tower Mito

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Site of Mito Castle

Little remains of Mito Castle, which was badly damaged during the Boshin War (1868-1869), further during the Meiji Period and again damaged during World War II. On the Ote Bridge, dating from the 1930's across the street from Kodokan, are miniature statues of Nariaki and Torifusa Tokugawa and walking east brings you to the Yakuimon Gate in the grounds of Mito Daisan High School, which has survived from the original structures of Mito Castle.


Art Tower Mito

Art Tower Mito (ATM) is a twenty minute walk west from the Kodokan. Art Tower Mito is a spectacular, modern cultural complex built in Mito in 1999. Crowned with a spiraling, 100 meter high titanium tower, ATM includes an art gallery, a church-like Entrance Hall with a massive pipe organ, an acoustically fine-tuned Concert Hall for classical music performances, the ACM Theater, a Contemporary Art Gallery, a Conference Hall, "Centerpoint" Museum Shop, restaurant "Vert et Blancher" (11:30 am-3 pm - last order 2.30 pm; 5-10 pm - last order 9 pm), and a coffee lounge. Art Tower Mito is closed on Mondays and admission is 200 yen. Take a bus bound for Daikumachi Keiyu from bays 4 or 7 from Mito Station and get off at Izumicho 1-chome.

Mito City Museum and Central Library are nearby Art Tower Mito.

Mito Art Tower

Mito Art Tower

Photo by: Qurren (talk)Taken with Canon IXY 10S (Digital IXUS 210) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Pipe organ in Art Tower Mito

Pipe organ in Art Tower Mito

Photo by Kentaro Ohno -, CC BY 2.0,

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