Shiretoko 知床国立公園

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Shiretoko, Hokkaido: Where nature roams free 

At the eastern end of the island of Hokkaido, there is one of the most beautiful locations in Japan, Shiretoko, a natural and protected nature conservatory. Shiretoko is the mountainous peninsula that stretches towards the Kuril Islands, in the most northeastern sector of Hokkaido.

Utoro City

Located on the west coast of Shiretoko, Utoro is the main tourist center for the area. Its large visitor center has all the practical information about the peninsula, there are plenty of hotels, hostels, shops, and restaurants offering the best of what the local fishermen have brought in from the sea.

Right in the center of the town is a large fishing port. There are many restaurants right next to the harbor offering the fish that the nets have caught: large crabs, sea urchins, and generous amounts of ikura salmon roe. Hokkaido is famous for these dishes, and this is one of the best places on the island to eat them fresh.

Just behind the fishing harbor is Oronkoiwa Rock and it is worth climbing it to see the fishermen bringing in their catch and heading for the northern coast of the peninsula. Tour boats of all sizes leave and return in quick succession.

Next to the fishing harbor is the tour boat harbor, and on the street leading to it, one tour boat company after another offers its services. Excursions range from a visit to Cape Shiretoko, to the end point of the peninsula, to shorter tours. They include a trip to a beach where brown bears frequently roam and a walk to Kamuiwakka Falls, the latter taking just over an hour in total.

Péninsule de Shiretoko

Péninsule de Shiretoko, Hokkaido

©Yasufumi Nishi/© JNTO

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