Toyama 富山市

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Toyama is the capital of Toyama prefecture, in central Honshu on the Japan Sea coast. Toyama has a strong decorative glassware tradition. Toyama may be less well known but spacious, pleasantly laid out Toyama is a gateway to skiing, snowboarding and hiking in the Japan Alps, and has numerous points of scenic, cultural and artistic interest that make it a memorable tourist destination.

  • Nearest Airport

    Toyama Airport (TOY):

    - 25 minutes by bus to JR Toyama Station

    - 15 minutes by taxi to train station

  • Train Stations

    Toyama Station :

    - JR Hokuriku and Takayama lines

    - Ainokaze Toyama Railway line 

    - Toyama Chiho Railway

  • Districts

    Kibamachi - Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design 

    Honmaru - Toyama Castle Ruins and Sato Memorial Museum of Art

    Kurehayama Park - Toyama Folkcraft Village



Kurehayama Park

Toyama Folkcraft Village is set in the pleasant wooded hills of Kurehayama Park just west of the city center and contains several museums dedicated to the area's arts and crafts: including ceramics, tea, clay dolls, glass, medicines, local history and art. Toyama Folkcraft Village is accessible by bus from outside the CiC Building across from Toyama Station (ask the tourist office for details).


Chokeji Temple is nearby the Toyama Folkcraft Village, and is known for its 500 statues of rakan - followers of the Buddha - arranged on the hill behind the main temple building

Toyama Municipal Museum of Folklore

Toyama Municipal Museum of Folklore

By tsuda -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Toyama Glass

Toyama is famous for its glassware, and there are several museums showcasing it.

The Toyama Glass Art Museum, 8 minutes walk south-east of Toyama Castle, was designed by architect Kengo Kuma and opened in 2015. This striking building with a superb interior to match includes the municipal library.


The Toyama Glass Studio is accessible from JR Toyama Station on a bus bound for Toyama Daigaku Fuzoku Byoin; alight at the "Family Mart Mae" bus stop and it is a 5 minute walk from there..

Toyama Glass Art Museum

Toyama Glass Art Museum

By Asturio Cantabrio - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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