The philosopher's path   哲学の道

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Walking meditation

The philosopher's path, once borrowed by scholars and monks, promotes meditation ...

Step by step, the founder of the School of Kyoto , NISHIDA Kitaro (1870-1945), the founder and embodiment of contemporary Japanese philosophy, went there every day, probably reflecting on his concept of "pure experience."

Along a small canal, the seasons mark their passing, the changing light altering the surrounding landscape. Symbol of the ephemeral, cherry blossoms lining the path make it perfect for strolling. Contemplate the pink and white blossoming petals, smell is the smell of spring, and remember that nothing lasts, even in Kyoto. In autumn, when the foliage of the maples ignites the wooded hills, a sudden breeze of wind fluttering the leaves reflects the agitations of the mind. The quiet of winter breaks as to dissolve the confusion of thought. An initiatory journey, melancholic or merry ... depending on the mood.

Lined with small bars, craft shops and tea houses, at any time it is possible to make a stop for a tasty snack. Quite romantic, this walk, which can start at Nanzenji , reaches to Ginkakuji . Along the way, Honen-in appears in a small detour. 

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