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Ibusuki Naval Air Base Memorial

Ibusuki Naval Air Base Memorial: read a guide to a World War II era memorial dedicated to the young kamikaze pilots who flew suicide missions at the end of the Pacific conflict.

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Kanoya Air Base Museum

Kanoya Air Base Museum (鹿屋航空基地) in Kagoshima Prefecture has a large collection of aircraft on display including a Kawanishi H8K2 flying boat from World War II.

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Tanegashima Museums

Tanegashima Museums: see a listing of museums on the island of Tanegashima in Kagoshima including the Space Center, Pistol Museum and Gessoutei.

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Furuichi Family House

Read a guide to the Furuichi Family House and other attractions on Tanegashima including Hamada Beach, Kumano Beach and Japan's largest sago palm.

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Tanegashima Space Center

Tanegashima Space Center is located close to Japan's largest rocket launch site and has displays on the development of the Japanese space industry.

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Akaogi Castle Cultural Museum Gessoutei

Akaogi Castle Cultural Museum Gessoutei is a former samurai residence in Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture complete with a lovely garden.

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Pistol Museum Tanegashima

The Pistol Museum (Tanegashima Kaihatsu Sogo Center) in Tanegashima is dedicated to the first arrival of firearms on the island and also have more general exhibits.

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Yakusugi Museum

Yakusugi Museum on Yakushima is a nature museum dedicated to the cedar trees (yaku-sugi), some of them extremely old, that grow on the island.

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Kagoshima City Museum of the Meiji Restoration

Kagoshima City Museum of the Meiji Restoration explores the history of this overthrow of the Tokugawa and the part played by the men and women of Satsuma.

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Kagoshima Museums

Kagoshima city and Kagoshima prefecture in south west Kyushu have several fine museums reflecting the city's importance in the modern history of Japan.

Kagoshima Museum of Modern Literature

Kagoshima Museum of Modern Literature: read a guide to the Kagoshima Museum of Modern Literature and the Merchen Museum for children's fairy stories.

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Chiran Peace Museum For Kamikaze Pilots

Chiran Peace Museum For Kamikaze Pilots is a museum dedicated to the over 1,000 young men who sacrificed their lives for the Emperor of Japan in World War II as suicide fighter pilots.

Reimeikan Museum

Reimeikan Museum Kagoshima

The Reimeikan Museum in Kagoshima, on the southern island of Kyushu, is dedicated to the history, culture and folklore of Kagoshima Prefecture.