Mame-Tanuki   豆狸

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Mame Tanuki restaurant in Miyajima

Dish of eels from Mame Tanuki restaurant.

Oysters at night

Deer, a huge shrine, too many tourists, and tiring walks... the island of Miyajima will make you hungry, one way or another! Mame-Tanuki's doors are open until late to satisfy desperate bellies!

Along Omotesando shopping street, the shops scramble to attract customers before the sun goes down... but once night falls, the excitement disappears, and only the lights of Mame-Tanuki still shine. This restaurant is one of the few that is open in the evenings after 9pm. Its wooden interior welcomes you along with an izakaya style menu, that is to say, many small dishes to share. Reasonable rates and local dishes, it will be perhaps the opportunity to taste the  island's famous fried oysters, or sea eel prepared on a bowl of rice, which is the specialty of local lunch menus.

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