Miyajima Aquarium   宮島水族館

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Miyajima Aquarium

Miyajima Aquarium.

Beluga aquarium Miyajima.

Beluga aquarium Miyajima.

Underwater memories

Blue light floods the faces. The atmosphere of an aquarium has a magic touch to quickly transform the imagination. On the island sanctuary of Miyajima, there is a world of silence between enchantment and laughter.

Opened in 1980 and renovated in 2011, the site attracts families from all over Japan. Listen for "sugoi, sugoi!" (super, super!) said by excited children who can barely wait to handle sea stars and sea cucumbers. After passing through the first room, the experience becomes deeper and more silent. With noses pressed against the Plexiglas wall, staring into the blue, we plunge into aquatic dreams.

Thirteen thousand sea creatures from more than three hundred and fifty species splash in the waters of the institution. This selection represents the ecosystem of the Seto Inland Sea around Miyajima. Otters, sea lions and other sinister penguins entertain visitors. A band of sea lions are also shown daily in an outdoor pool. The public are free to watch, and if you want, choose the first rows of the central platform to get a good chance in participating in the show.

If you get hungry and start having strange thoughts of sushi, head to the cafeteria of the aquarium. Ramen (wheat noodles) and udon (thicker wheat noodles) are a perfect remedy for a serene visit.

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