Awashima Island 粟島

  • Published on : 06/05/2019
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land of sailors

Awashima, a small island located 4.5 kilometers off the coast of Kagawa Prefecture, is one of the exhibition venues of the Setouchi Triennale. But Triennale or not, Awashima Island is worth a visit. Shaped like an anchor and covering an area of 3.68 km2, Awashima was originally formed by three islets that were linked together by sandbanks. A small island with quaint charm, it was an important port and hosted the prestigious National School of the Merchant Navy.

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    Take the ferry from Mitoyo City, either from Suda Port (15 min, 8 ferries per day) or from Miyanoshita Port. During the Setouchi Triennale, it can be reached by speedboat from Takamijima (15 min, departures every 60-90 min) or Honjima.

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