Atami Castle   熱海城

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Atami castle overlooking the ocean.

Japan's Youngest Castle

This is undoubtedly the youngest castle of Japan: the city of Atami only built it three centuries after the medieval period to attract tourists!

The excellent condition of the castle will come as a big surprise, as it does not seem to have suffered the damages of US bombing. And for good reason: it was built from scratch in 1959. The castle took advantage of the recent attractions in the region, and was modelled after castles of the Momoyama period.

At the top, one can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view and relish the splendor of Sagami Bay, as well as cherry blossoms at the foot of the castle when the season is right. If luck is on your side, enjoy the spectacle of fireworks, very common in the summer, and a popular attraction in the city.

Old and New

Built in the style of the Momoyama era, a period in which Japan saw the birth of the Tokugawa dynasty who ruled nearly 300 years all over the country, and in which deep structural reforms were established. A testimony of that time is restored within the imposing building: a samurai house worthy of the Momoyama era. Those interested in the history of Japanese samurai will even have the chance to don the clothes of their heroes and be photographed by the castle staff.

On the other hand, a little more unusual and rather more erotic museum is also confined in the fortress. Visitors need to be aged 18 or over to enter. The museum boasts an excellent reputation for its quality, as wells as a replica of a whale's virility on display...

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