Enoshima   江の島

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An Island, a Love Story, a Dragon

A tourist spot famous for romantic rendezvous, and the vantage point of Mount Fuji. The popularity of the island, also popular with surfers, is matched only by its charm.

When visiting Enoshima, a visit to the shopping street of Fujisawa, rich in seafood, local crafts and culinary specialties, is almost an obligation. The seaside atmosphere, bright colors and smells remind us that we are close to Shonan, the most famous coastline of Japan, popular with bikers for its beauty and accessibility of roads.

Local Delicacies

At the end of the street stands the island of Enoshima. According to legend, the island was hoisted from the depths of the sea by the goddess Benten in order to find the dragon's lair to prevent him from ravaging the region and eating anymore children. Aware of the dragon's loneliness, the goddess' promise to marry the dragon manages to tame it. Many shrines honor the goddess for having saved the people. In fact, the island's gourmet dishes themselves are worthy of a dragon's appetite!

At the foot of the trail leading to the top of the island, you will find a popular snack - takosen, octopus mixed in a batter and placed between two rice crackers.

Equally famous, shirasu, baby anchovies, perfect for an aperitif or rice topping.

In terms of shellfish, abalone - sazae - are the epitome of supreme refinement on the island. They are served grilled in the many restaurants of Enoshima.

The Bell of Love

The continuous climb to the top of the island, strewn with the three shrines dedicated to the three goddesses and protectors of the island - Akatsunomiya, Hetsunomiya and Okotsunumiya. Once at the top, either by escalator or on foot, Samuel Cocking's garden and its observation tower await you for a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji.

The streets adjacent to the garden are lined with restaurants and shops, most of which offer a  view of the sea. A relaxing way to take in the beauty of Enoshima.

Lovers, don't forget to ring the bell Ryuren no Kane, which grants eternal love. Finally, a saving descent for the calves take the visitors to the foot of Enoshima. The waves crash on the rocks and children fish in the cavities in search of seafood. All of this in front of the imposing silhouette of two caves, decorated with numerous statues, including one of the mighty Dragon of Enoshima.

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