Kinosaki Onsen Travel Guide   城崎温泉

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Otani, the river running through the city center

Kinosaki Onsen is crossed by a small river Otani, who span the ponds are part of the charm of the city.

A group of swimmers before the Gosho no yu

Swimmers with their wicker baskets roam the streets on chaining onsen onsen.

Sato no yu

Baths Sato no yu span multiple floors.

Ko no yu

Small offset bath, rotenburo of Ko no yu is well worth a visit.

The town of seven baths

Two hours and a half by train from Kyoto, on the north coast of Japan, there is a small spa town full of charm, but especially onsen: Kinosaki, the town of seven baths!

Along the small Otani river lies Kinosaki onsen, a place well known to residents of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, who seek a little relaxation here. In summer, it is sometimes crowded. People come with friends or family to tour the onsen before ending the evening in one of the local restaurants with matsuba, a crab-based dish, a specialty of the region. It's quite nice to walk in the city center, several small fountains with spring water are available to walkers so they can soak their feet or even have a drink!

Onsen party

While the downtown area is small enough to be visited in an afternoon, it's still better to stay overnight in Kinosaki Onsen, not only because then you have two days to discover the onsen but also because the stay in one of the city's ryokan gives you the benefit of unlimited access to the seven hot springs (these hotels will also lend you a yukata and geta shoes to wear as you tour the onsen).

To the baths!

The number of onsen in Kinosaki, and their diversity, give you a great introduction to the etiquette and tradition of bathing in an onsen in Japan. Japan Experience has selected three essential onsen in Kinosaki:

Gosho no yu (御所の湯), located in the city center, offers spacious and nice baths. Plus: a small waterfall flows into the outdoor bath.

Sato no yu (さとの湯), located close to the station, is the largest. It has two outdoor baths and a traditional interior floor bathroom and a top floor with different saunas. Their penguin sauna, very cold, is rather nice when you come out of the hot bath. The baths rotate daily between men and women.

Ko no Yu (鴻の湯) is located near the cable car, and is the most eccentric bath in Kinosaki. It has a nice rotenburo, covered outdoor bath, from which you can see the mountains and the forest.