ACROS Fukuoka   アクロス福岡

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ACROS Fukuoka and its living wall

ACROS Fukuoka

The concert hall in ACROS Fukuoka

Music and more

Famous for its living wall 60 meters high, ACROS Fukuoka is a jewel of modern architercture. It's a concert venue, conference hall, shopping arcade and an art gallery. The garden has more than 50,000 plants, of 120 different varieties.

ACROS is an acronym for Asian CrossRoad Over the Sea. In the basement, it joins part of the sprawling underground mall Tenjin chikagai (天神 地下街).

It also houses a concert hall, conference rooms and shops on almost every floor - with 14 floors in total. It's now a must-visit for the people of Fukuoka, close to the town hall.


ACROS is also an excellent venue for classical music concerts. Indeed, the acoustics of the room allow it to host prestigious orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic. The room capacity is 1,867 seats.


The Takumi Gallery is a permanent exhibition which presents local artisanal life. You'll find displays of pottery and ceramics, as well as crafts taken from local folklore, like the typical Hakata doll (hakata ningyou, 博多人形).

The gallery also holds weekly temporary exhibitions.

Cultural exchange

There is also the International Center (kokusai senta, 国際センター). This is where residents of Fukuoka go to get their passports and learn about international events.

In November, during the traditional sumo tournament in Fukuoka, it's possible to meet the athletes participating in the tournament there for a day - a unique opportunity to meet these "living legends". However, participation is not mandatory, and only volunteers attend.

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