Viennoiseries de Nicolas   ラ・ヴィエノワズリー・ドゥ・ニコラ

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Buns of Nicolas

The growing of Buns of Nicolas.

The French touch in Japan

For Westerners out and about in the country of the rising sun, they can soon feel that they are missing something important: desserts worthy of the name. Attempts at local imitation often end in something with sugar levels so high they will even make non-diabetics go pale.

If some bakers of the old continent have adapted to Japanese tastes by creating hundreds of Paris-Kyoto, like the Patisserie des Rêves in Kyoto, the Viennoiserie de Nicolas sticks to the original recipe. Humbly, the French couple presents its pains au chocolat and even cheesecake to adapt to English tastes! They are very popular, especially among residents as well as among visitors. On the go or to savour while you contemplate the architectural wonders of the city, purists just regret the price, which is adapted to the national market.

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