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Museum fever

Japanese people like museums and galleries. The art is similar to a shared and mutual contemplative meditation. The most prestigious and the most unusual, they number in the hundreds.

Despite a long economic winter, from the bursting of the financial bubble in 1991 to the tragedy of March 11th, 2011, both leading to significant budget cuts, not a season has past without the inauguration of a new, innovative museum. There are many new showings of contemporary works or pieces of folk art representing the mingei mind. There was an exception to this in 2010 when the the Suntory Museum in Osaka, designed by Tadao Ando Architect, unfortunately closed down.  

In Japan, outstanding exhibitions are funded not by the Ministry of Culture, but by the headlines of the Japanese press. Across institutions, national museums, prefectures, municipalities, and private foundations, collectors and generous patrons try to outdo each other showing the splendors of yesterday and today, from home and abroad.