Amazake Chaya   甘酒茶屋

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House Amazake tea

The entrance to the traditional teahouse Amazake Chaya.

House Amazake tea

Mochi at Amazake Chaya.

Home brewing

Sake lovers are in for a treat in the resort town of Hakone. The teahouse Amazake Chaya has welcomed travelers looking to stop for a refreshing break since the Edo period (1603-1868).

Visiting the region of Hakone and its mountain can be exhausting. However, just around the bend of a hiking trail, Amazake Chaya teahouse appears seemingly out of nowhere.

Don't leave without trying the house specialties: its many different types of sake. This traditional Japanese drink is consumed hot, cold, or at room temperature. Obviously its namesake, amazake, a drink made ​​from fermented rice in the sake family, is also on the menu. For palates less familiar with wines and spirits, it's an ideal introduction.

The teahouse also offers mochi, glutinous rice cakes, both sweet and savory, for those travellers feeling a little peckish.

Discover this little oasis after a forty minute walk from the famous torii, or red door, Moto Hakone. The building was recently renovated but still retains the old style of the great Edo period, back when the samurai paused to relax at Amazake Chaya.

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