Doguya-suji Arcade   道具屋筋

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Mall Doguya-suji

The mascots of the mall Doguya-suji.

Mall Doguya-suji

Vendors the mall Doguya-suji.

Cordon bleu paradise

This arcade delights all cooking addicts and amateur chefs!

Dozens of stores offer all the material useful for cooking, as let's not forget, Osaka is nicknamed "the kitchen of the world" due to its concentration of chefs, full of tips and creativity.

The arcades were built in 1970 and became what they are today: one hundred and fifty meters of stores offering Japanese and international utensils for professionals and amateurs, always of excellent quality.

They are also frequented by young people interested in the takoyaki (small octopus soufflé) preparation shows and the free cooking classes. If you can drop by on October 9th for the Dôguyasuji Gallery Festival, when hundreds of kitchen objects are on sale.

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