Fuji-Q Highland   富士急ハイランド

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Rollercoasters at Fuji-Q Highland


At the summit...

Mountains of thrills

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, located in Fujiyoshida, offers mountains of sensations along with fabulous attractions, to send you in the air or give you big scares!

The park entrance

Less than two hours from Tokyo, at the foot of Mount Fuji, the large amusement park Fuji-Q Highland offers forty attractions and activities. For thrill seekers, the park has four rollercoasters, as impressive as they are dizzying, ensuring you a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, if you can bear to open your eyes!

The good news is that as of July 14, 2018, entry to Fuji-Q Highland Park is totally free, for those who just want to wander through the merry-go-rounds and simply be spectators, or grab a snack somewhere.

Full speed ahead

  • Fujiyama

This has been the favorite attraction of visitors for twenty years. Otherwise called the King of Coasters, it's a classic rollercoaster, but everything is carefully calculated. The maximum speed reaches 130km/h, with a vertical drop of 2045m. You can admire the incredible view of Mount Fuji when you are at the highest point (79m high)! This attraction holds 4 Guinness World records. The sensations experienced are equivalent to falling from a 20-storey building...


  • Takabisha

With the linear motor its acceleration is remarkable. It can reach 100kph in two seconds, faster than a Formula 1 racecar. This attraction holds the world record of the most curved fall with 121 degrees, which gives a feeling of being thrown into the void. Just before this incredible fall, you stop for a few seconds at the summit, so don't forget to admire Mount Fuji before closing your eyes and screaming your lungs out. The ride of 1004m is done in 2 minutes 40 seconds.

  • Eejanaika

One of the world's two dimensional quadrennial roller coasters, Eejanaika is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as it has the most gravity reversal, with a total of 14 times. You start in reverse, then the seat turns in all directions. You lose your sense of balance completely. The maximum speed is 126km/h, and you travel 1153m in 2 minutes.

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  • Dododonpa

Dodonpa became Dododonpa in 2018, with new innovations added to create more extreme sensations. This attraction has the record of the most violent acceleration of the world, on which you are projected at 180km/h speed in 1.56 seconds, thanks to a powerful air motor. It is the fastest roller coaster in Japan, with 1189m of track covered in 60 seconds.

A variety of attractions

  • Tekkotsu Bancho

This is a giant spinning swing, 59m high. The maximum speed is 51km/h. It's fun, and as a bonus you have a wonderful view.

  • Senritu meikyo (super scary labyrinth of fear)

This is one of the largest horror attractions in the world. The terrifying concept is in the form of disused hospital, controlled by zombies. You explore the hospital on foot with a small flashlight, just like in a horror movie. Your five senses will experience maximum stimulation, and needless to say those with weak temperaments (and hearts) should steer clear! It will take you an hour to traverse the 900m route around this haunted house.

Super scary labyrinth of fear

  • Desperation Fortress 3

This is a prison that you must escape using logic and team spirit, because you play as a group of several people facing an artificial intelligence. Since its opening in 2012, more than 1,800,000 players have tried the attraction, and only 6 groups have managed to beat the machine to get out of this infernal prison...

  • Tentekomai

Tentekomai is a relatively recent attraction of Fuji-Q Highland. This 'walk in the sky' is 32m high. The unique aspect of this attraction is that you steer it yourself, in the form of a kind of personal plane that you have to spin. If you break the record, you receive a prize: 1,000 yen multiplied by the number of turns. The current record, as of December 2017, is when someone managed to spin their plane 113 times in 3 minutes.

Give it a try!

Small break

If you visit with children, they will appreciate the 50m big wheel to enjoy the view. There's a carousel, teacups and in Thomas Land, a dozen attractions for toddlers to have fun with their parents. Little girls will love "La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa", the first theme park based on the popular French picture books about the adventures of Gaspard and Lisa.

A large souvenir shop, Shop Fujiyama, offers a huge selection of original gifts, regional specialties and even good Yamanashi wine.

To restore you, there is also choice of fifteen restaurants, catering for all tastes. For the little ones, there is a restaurant in Thomas Land or Gaspard and Lisa. Note that for the first time in an amusement park, the Starbucks will soon open a café.

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Gaspard & Lisa cafe

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