Traveling to Japan: Tips for traveling with the Family

  • Published on : 06/04/2023
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Traveling with the family can be one of the most rewarding experiences to have, especially to Japan. Take a look at the following tips to ensure a great time for adults and children alike!

For example, conversation on the train in many Western countries is often not seen as taboo as long as it isn’t at an overly disruptive volume. While conversation between people on the trains in Japan is by no means unheard of, typically, one will notice the volume and frequency to be lower. Families may need to adjust their typical talking volume when communicating on the train

To ease your means of access within Japan, helpful applications for transit such as Jorudan or the Tokyo Metro App are good to have. For using mobile data in Japan, some travelers may see a pocket wifi or Japanese SIM Card as useful things to order and utilize.

Inside Train

Inside the train in Japan

@flickr/ Petr


Japan (famous for its four seasons) has a wide range of climates that are also dependent on the region of the country.

During summer, Japan is generally very hot, the conditions heavily oppressive by the high humidity. This is made more difficult by carrying heavy luggage, long walks, and busy crowds. If travel in Japan is done during the months of July, August, or early September, be aware of these conditions, though the more northern prefectures such as Aomori and Hokkaido have more mild climates compared to places like Tokyo and the southern areas like Hiroshima or Kyushu.

Japan Winter

Winter in Japan


L'été au Japon

The transitional seasons of Spring and Fall present the most popular travel times for tourism in Japan. Along with its most mild and tolerable climates, the unique natural attractions of the sakura blooming in Spring and the color-changing leaves in Fall attract many visitors. However, airborne allergens do make themselves known during this time, so antihistamine/allergy medication is suggested for travel, though these are easily purchased within Japan as well.

While many hotels are directed towards tourism, there are a few hotel types that are more geared towards business travelers or solo travelers. These include places like business hotels or capsule hotels. Business hotels are meant to accommodate travelers who will likely be traveling for a brief period of time, often for business reasons as the name implies. The rooms at these hotels are often fairly small with minimal amenities meant for one guest. For families, even the largest rooms at these hotels may not be adequate.

Kumamoto Castle and cherry blossoms

Kumamoto Castle in Spring

JCS Chen on Unsplash

Visit Mount Fuji in Fall season

Visit Mount Fuji in Fall season

©Wasin Pummarin/123RF

For destinations directly aimed towards children and families, one will find the many amusement parks and character-themed attractions throughout the country appealing. Amongst the most famous of these is Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, two of the most celebrated amusement parks in the world.

Also within the Tokyo area is Sanrio Puroland, an amusement park centered around the array of unique characters created by Sanrio, including Hello Kitty, Cinnamon Roll, and Pom Pom Purin. This is a good choice for rainy days as it is indoors. Here, there are a number of child-friendly rides and shows, including a high-level kabuki performance featuring the Sanrio characters.

Tokyo Disneysea

Tokyo DisneySea


Japanese pop culture is also very popular worldwide. The recognizable characters and unique artstyle of things like anime and manga present a lot of fun for both children and adults alike. Within Japan there are a plethora of unique and cool stores and events centered around this aspect of pop culture. Pokemon, the most successful franchise in history, has a number of exclusive stores throughout the country called Pokemon Centers where shoppers can buy products found only in Japan. There are also a number of specialty theme cafes based on different anime and manga franchises that are sure to give you and your kids a unique and memorable experience that is distinctly Japanese. 



Matsuri in Japan


pom pom purin

Pom Pom Purin character cafe food

@flickr/ serena tang


Akihabara at night, famous for its cartoon-oriented shops and attractions


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Knowing options that may be better received by your kids or any picky eater in your family in case certain foods aren’t very well received.

A good choice for food that is distinctly Japanese but easily adapted to a western palette is that of Yoshoku. The name literally translates to “western food,” and is basically food with recipes originating from western cultures but made with a Japanese twist. These dishes include things like hamburger steak, which is a steak made of minced meat served with sauce and rice. There’s also omurice, a Japanese style omelette often served with ketchup rice and sauce.


Omurice with ketchup

@Japan Wonder Travel Blog

The central hub of travel for most who come to Japan is that of the train station. Japan is world-renowned for its railway travel, but the train stations do come with a bit of a learning curve for many.

Major stations like that of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo or Umeda Station in Osaka service a multitude of lines as well as housing a number of restaurants and even department stores. They are also often made up of multiple floors and can be a bit of a maze to navigate.

It’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed, especially when accounting for smaller children, luggage, and or strollers.


Rush hour at shinjuku station


There is typically a side where pedestrians will stand and wait as the escalator moves and a side where people will continue to walk up the escalator as it moves. In Tokyo, people typically stand on the left and walk up on the right side. But in Kansai, it is usually the reverse. 

On the note of accessibility, there are priority seats available on each train car for passengers who may need such to use. This includes those with mobility disabilities, pregnant passengers, or parent passengers who are bringing on things like strollers.

Priority seating

Priority seating on the train


As usual, it is always advised to have a backup plan in case of sudden closures or bad weather. Taking the time to plan multiple days within one city can be nice as then the plans for any given day can be swapped for another.

Additionally, depending on the age of the children travelers, leaving a bit of the itinerary to them can encourage cultural learning and planning. Allow your kids to do their own research on what may interest them in a country as unique as Japan and take the opportunity to experience it all as a family. 

Children Travel

Traveling with children in Japan

@flickr/ U.S. Army Garrison Japan

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