Kuromon Market   黒門市場

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Kuromon market

Kuromon market.

Kuromon market

Kuromon fish market.

The market with black doors

So called because of the black doors leading into the market, in the Meiji era (1868-1912) it was known as Emmeiji Market due to its proximity to the great Emmeiji Temple.

Almost six hundred meters long, this large covered market holds more than a hundred stores, the majority offering products of unparalleled freshness and high quality. It's sometimes called "Osaka's kitchen" because so many restaurants get their ingredient supplies here. In total the market contains around 150 stores and 25 eateries.

With seafood, spices, pickled vegetables as well as sweets and other souvenirs, you'll be spoiled for choice! Many stalls will prepare, cook and serve a dish to you on the spot, making it an irresistible stroll for fans of Japanese gastronomy, or simply the curious.

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