Three Tides Tattoo   スリータイズ タトゥー

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Three Tides Studio

Studio Three Tides Tattoo Studio.

Art in the skin

You must suffer to be beautiful. The Three Tides Tattoo team would not say otherwise. The reputation of this tattoo studio travels beyond the coasts of the archipelago. Fans do not hesitate to cross oceans to offer their skin with these virtuosos of the needle.

The execution is perfect, the models are inventive. But the success of the workshop is the result of a gamble. Ten years ago, tattooing was still taboo in Japan, systematically associated with members of the underworld. The yakuza with skin fond of colored ink are nevertheless the antithesis of the open and libertarian spirit of the Three Tides. The appearance of a store in the heart of the sulphurous Osaka was explosive.

The place has quickly become an incubator of talent. Artists from around the globe, take turns behind the tattoo machine. The atmosphere is diligent and friendly. The company also has a store in Tokyo, but Osaka, has a rare gem that skins around the world want to snap up: Mutsuo. The pen stroke and dexterity of this needle Samurai have brought him a well deserved reputation.

An excellent documentary is dedicated to him and can be seen in its entirety on the website of the studio. All the tattoo artists are presented in it, alongside their works in well-stocked photographic galleries. And for those who fear that the experience is a little too spiky, an online store offers boxer shorts with designs by the team.

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