Vegetarian Food in Tokyo   東京のベジタリアン料理のお店

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T's Tantan vegan ramen

Ain Soph

Komaki Shokudo - try their excellent soup!


The bustling city of Tokyo has just as many vegetarians restaurants as Kyoto. Here are four of the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the capital.

T's TanTan

This is the best-known vegan restaurant in Tokyo. Located inside Tokyo station, it offers a wide range of typical Japanese dishes. The specialty here is ramen, a rare treat for vegetarians and vegans alike, who usually can't eat it because of broth made from pork and fish. An English menu is available, and you can easily eat for under ¥1,000.

1-9-1 Marunouchi, Keiyo Street, Chiyoda, +81(0)33 218 8040, Open daily, 7:00-23:00. Inside Tokyo Station.

Ain Soph Journey

This is the best vegetarian restaurant in Shinjuku. Their specialty is pancakes, not a particularly Japanese food but they are extremely good! But before moving on to dessert, try their Japanese curry (rarely vegetarian in Japan). About ¥1,500 per person.

3-8-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Q, Shinjuku, Mon-Sat, +81(0)35 925 8908, 11:00-23:00, 11:30-22:00 Sunday (reservation needed) Subway Shinjuku-sanchome (Marunouchi and Fukutoshin lines, and Toei Shinjuku Line)

Cafe the 6BT

A little snack/restaurant where you can have delicious vegetarian ramen, curry and other Japanese traditional dishes. It's a good spot to stop have a break and a coffee with one of their fabulous cakes.

Nogizaka, Minato-ku, +81 3-6455-4626, Mon-Thu : 11:30-23:30, Fri-Sat : 11:30-midnight, Sun : 11:30-22:00, Subway Nogizaka (Chiyoda Line)

Komaki Shokudo - Kamakura Fushikian

Shojin ryori, traditional food of Buddhist monks, is both vegetarian and very popular in Japan. While the dishes, all vegan, are delicious at Komaki Shokudo (especially the soups), try to leave room to sample one of their delicious desserts! About ¥1,000 per person.

Neribeicho 8-2 Kanda Chiyoda-ku (Chabara complex), +81(0)35 577 5358, Open daily 11:00-20:00, subway Akihabara.

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