Toei Animation Gallery   東映アニメーションギャラリー

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Dragon Ball Z, produced by Toei Animation's iconic series

Dragon Ball Z, produced by Toei Animation's iconic series

In Tokyo, Mazinger Z watch on n regroupexpositioant storyboards, sketches, and original celuloides.

Mazinger Z watches over the exhibition of storyboards, sketches, and original celuloides.

The White Snake, 1958, the first film produced by Toei Animation

The white snake, the first film produced by Toei Animation in 1958


What do Akira Toriyama, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata have in common? Answer: they all worked for Tôei, the oldest Japanese animation studio.

[Beware that the gallery is now closed due to operational works !]

If Kyoto's Toei Uzumasa Eigamura focuses on movies, Tôei Animation Gallery in Tokyo honors animation. Opened in 2003 in the studio itself, it traces the entire process of creating a cartoon, and pays tribute to the great success of Tôei.

Toei goes hand-in-hand with animated

With a series of 100 promotional posters, the gallery presents the entire production chronology of the company, from the first film in the 50s to the most recent productions. A panel featuring famous names: Harlock, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Opposite this chronicle there are celluloids, scripts, original drawing boards, storyboards ... Everything to delight fans of cartoons, and to help them understand the process of making an animation. And to instill a bit of nostalgia, an episode of "Ken, the wolf child", the first series of the studio in 1963, is projected on a small, period television. All under the protective gaze of a giant statue of Mazinger Z, another cult series from Toei.

Animation lessons

The museum also has an educational role. Toei Animation Gallery exhibits clay statuettes, with a certain particularity: they were used at the beginning of the studio as models for the animators. A few workshops also dissect the principles of animation, in particular the process of optical theater .

Smaller than the Ghibli museum and a little out of the center of Tokyo, Toei Animation Gallery nevertheless remains a witness to the evolution of Japanese animation.

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