Visit Japan with your family

Japan is a destination well suited for family holidays. The country is safe and thefts are rare. There are many activities available for young children as well as for teenagers. 

Theme parks and museums for children

> “Gibli animation museum”, Tokyo
> Hello Kitty theme park “Sanrio Puro Land”, Tokyo
> “Disney Land Tokyo”, Tokyo
> Japanese History Theme Park “Nikko Tokyo Edo Mura”, Nikko
> Aquatic Park “Spa World”
> “Manga museum”, Kyoto
> Japanese History Theme Park “Kyoto Studio Park”, Kyoto


Meet Japanese animals

Here are activities the whole family can enjoy. Few One of the best zoos in Japan is probably Uneo Zoo in Tokyo. When it comes to aquariums, the Kaiyukan in Osaka is know for being the world’s largest and is home to cute penguins and a giant whale shark. To observe deer, go to Nara Koen Park and on Miyajima Island. Monkey lovers will enjoy Iwatayama Mountain in Kyoto where they will be face to face with quite a few of them. 



Discover traditional Japan

Japan is an exotic destination that usually interests children. Going past a temple, a school, a castle, a samurai domain reminds us of cultural codes present in movies or mangas.

You can take part in outdoor activities like sailing a boat on Hozu River in Kyoto, canoeing in Hiroshima region, or hiking around Kyoto. Moreover, the many colorful festivals in Japan are very popular with children. 


Japan for teenagers

For your teenagers, extend your stay in Tokyo and explore all the capital’s trendy places. Every Sunday morning, the Harajuku district becomes the land of cosplayers who dress in their favorite manga characters. It is a very hype neighborhood where young Japanese like to stroll and shop for all kinds of things.
Further east, the Akhabara shopping neighborhood offers hundreds of manga, electronics and video games shops. Also in Tokyo, in Ginza’s Sony Building you can try out new Sony video games and consoles. 



Traveling with an infant

Outside of the 11 hours long plane flight and the jetlag, traveling with an infant shouldn’t be problematic. In supermarkets open 24 hours a day, you can buy diapers and baby milk. Public areas are usually equipped with changing tables, furthermore, hotels and ryokans often offers baby-sitting services. Bring a small stroller to get around and use public transportation.

In trains, children under 6 years old travel for free and from 6 to 11 they pay half the price. Accommodations rates change on a case-by-case basis. 


Japan by car

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