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Daijoji Temple


The home of Zen in Kanazawa is Daijoji. This temple, a faithful refuge of the Soto sect, gladly welcomes the curious to participate in religious services. Tempted by introspection?

Ninja Dera Temple

Ninja-Dera Temple (Myoryuji)

Located in Kanazawa, Ninja-Dera temple's normal appearance doesn't give the impression of anything ninja-like. But under its ordinary outside hides a castle filled with traps.

Tentokuin Temple


Treasure is not always what we think it is. At Tentokuin temple, the wonder is not in the place of worship, but in its door, opening to a princess's destiny.

Oyama Jinja Shrine

Oyama Jinja

On a small piece of wood a little girl is writing her wish. "Winning the next gymnastics competition!".