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Kumano Sanzan

Kumano Sanzan is the collective name of the three shrines of the Kii Peninsula, one of the most sacred places in Japan and an unmissable place of pilgrimage.

Daimon Koyasan


Once you have walked through the Daimon Gate, Koyasan reveals itself. Paths of earth or gravel scattered with torii delve into the forest ... to the west of the city, the holy predominates.

Nyonindo Temple


The feminine version of worship has its own temple in Koyasan, Nyonindo. The only remnant of an ancient tradition, which forbade women from entering the holy city.

Kongo sanmai-in

Kongō Sanmai-in

Dedicated to the deceased son, this temple with a precious pagoda has not aged in eight hundred years.

Danjo Garan-

Danjo Garan-

Danjo Garan-on, or Garan, was one of the first complexes built by Kobo Daishi in Koyasan. Vast, quiet, soothing, it is filled with temples, a magnificent pagoda, with a unique atmosphere.

Okunoin cemetery at Koyasan


In the most popular Japanese cemetery along a driveway of rustling woods, encounters with souls of long ago surprise those who are not careful.