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Asako Watanabe, one of only 7 female sake producers in Japan.

Asako Watanabe, the only woman producing sake in Gifu

Asako Watanabe is one of the few female master brewers (Toji) in Japan. She produces her sake in the south of Gifu prefecture, near Nagoya, using the traditional know-how of her family.

Nagoya Dome

After the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, our tour of the great temples of Japanese baseball brings us to Nagoya.

Nagoya Station, two cylindrical towers that form the world's largest train station.

Nagoya Station

The Guinness Book of Records has proclaimed it the "largest station in the world"... But what goes on in the 400,000 m2 and the two cylindrical towers of the huge Nagoya Station?