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The Nara Park

Nara Koen

Is it the park that borders the city, or city that borders the park? The mysterious Nara is unlike anything else.

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Former Daijoin Temple Garden

The Former Daijoin Temple Garden (kyu-daijoin-teien) is a tranquil Japanese strolling garden centered around a lake in Nara near the Nara Hotel.

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Sarusawa Pond

Sarusawa Pond (Sarusawa-ike) is a picturesque Nara Period lake close to Kofukuji Temple and associated with the love-suicide of a jilted maid-servant.

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East Palace Garden Nara

The East Palace Garden, Nara Period garden in the grounds of the Nara Palace Site was excavated in 1967 and completely reconstructed by 1998.

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Mount Wakakusa

Mount Wakakusa in the east of Nara is a 342m-high grass-covered hill which is set alight in January during the Wakakusa Yamayaki ceremony.

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Isuien Garden & Neiraku Museum

The Isuien Garden consists of both Edo and Meiji period gardens and contains the Neiraku Museum with displays of East Asian ceramics.

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Yoshikien Garden Nara

Yoshikien Garden in Nara consists of a moss garden, pond garden and tea ceremony garden and is free for foreign visitors.

Pond Sarusawa


To the west of Nara-koen, Sarusawa-ike pond tries to remove the edge of dull gray buildings...

Garden Isui-in


A secret enclave of greenery on the way to Todaiji, the Isui-en can be discovered along a path that combines water, wood and stone.