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Red and white exterior of Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Kasuga Taisha

West of Nara Park and Kofukuji and close to Todaiji Temple and Wakakusayama, Kasuga Taisha and the nearby Kasugayama Primeval Forest are designated as a joint UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Horyuji Temple


Nara's Horyuji, located in Ikaruga, is a vast place of worship amid the pine trees, and houses the oldest recorded wooden buildings in the world. It remains the oldest temple in Japan!

The temple Toshodaiji


Symbol of the reforms initiated by Emperor Shomu (699-756), a devout Buddhist, Toshodaiji figures amongst the great monasteries of the former imperial capital.

Kofukuji Temple


The tutelary temple of the powerful Fujiwara family is considered one of the finest museums of sacred Japanese sculpture from the seventh to the thirteenth century. Its name: Kofukuji.