The first cashierless store in Japan 日本初 - 無人キオスク

  • Published on : 17/01/2019
  • by : J.L.
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Self-service Konbini!

Last year Amazon's "Amazon Go" store in the USA made international news for being both cash and cashierless. In Japan, this new type of trade also appeared in late 2018 in a Tokyo station, and the phenomenon is rapidly taking off.

How does it work?

As a customer, you must tap your IC card (Suica or Pasmo) to a reader at the entrance of the store to identify yourself, and the door will open automatically. Then, just take the products you want to buy and put them in your bag. At the exit, a screen will show you a list of the items you have selected and, if you agree, just tap your IC card again to deduct the total cost from your card. The exit door will then open automatically to let you leave. The process is controlled by artificial intelligence... as well as through a hundred cameras that track the movements of customers.

A victim of its own success, there's currently always a line to enter the store. So paradoxically it now takes extra staff to manage the queue!

  • Going to Japan? Why not buy your IC card before you leave?

Entrance to the cashierless store

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