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Where to sample and buy sake in Osaka

Called nihonshu by the Japanese, sake enjoys an international reputation.


The Expocity shopping complex

Ideally located at the foot of the Bampaku-Kinen-Koenet monorail station, just a few minutes from the Expo '70 commemorative park, the huge Expocity shopping and entertainment complex will satisfy

Les Tachinomiya, les bars sans siège japonais

Tachinomiya of Osaka

Osaka is known for its food and the friendliness of its people.

Toretore Village

Toretore Village

The "Toretore Village" is made up of more than a hundred original and unique dwellings to spend a night or a whole week there to enjoy the many additional activities of the Adventure World park and

La chambre hantée de Universal Studios Japan

The haunted rooms of Universal Studios Japan

To celebrate Halloween, Universal Studios Japan is thinking big! Indeed since 2015, the park has offered ''haunted'' rooms to celebrate the horror festival.

Osaka-jo Hall

Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, has an incredible multipurpose building to match its ambitions: Osaka-jo Hall.

Osaka-za theater Shôchiku.

Osaka Shôchiku-za

Amid the buildings of the Dôtomburi neighborhood, decked out in neon lights, a strange building catches the eye of passersby. Columns and marble, a whiteness that takes aback this electric chaos.

The tea house Kanadian

The Kanadian tea house

To those who believe that the mix between an underground bar and a tea house cannot work, rendezvous at the Kanadian.

The Cellar

The Cellar

No, the Japanese do not spend all their evenings sipping sake in a hostess bar in a geek neighborhood listening to J-Pop (Japanese pop).



Located in the old Umeda district of Osaka, Amanto is more than just a tearoom, it has the objective of renewing forms of collective engagement.

Billboard Live Room

Billboard Live

Jazz is a big hit in the Japanese concert halls. Many artists perform at Osaka's Billboard club. A great place to get a glimpse of contemporary Japanese scene.

Frenz Bar

Frenz Frenzy

Frenz Bar claims to be the first gay bar in Japan. A famous address where to enter, you have to show your good humor.

Seoul Factory

Seoul Factory

This venue is now closed. You can find more bars and cafes suggestions in Osaka here.  Mirror balls and sequined flares reign supreme in this club with an unusual name.

Windows on the World restaurant

Windows on the World

A breathtaking view of Osaka, its buildings, its colors ... foreign businessmen as well as tourists from all different horizons, occupy the tables at Windows on the World.

Namba Bears

Namba Bears

Small, smoky, dark and very cramped, the Bears Bar is worth a look!

Grove Café

Grove Café

In the heart of a small cherry orchard, Grove Café invites customers to escape the hustle and bustle of Osaka to take tea or have dinner.

Hanshin Beer Garden

Hanshin Beer Garden

The Hanshin Beer Garden is now closed. Find more pubs and bars in Osaka here.  It's not only vegetable gardens on the roofs of Japanese buildings, there are also beer gardens.

Grand Café

Partygoers come together at the Grand Café. Hosting many local and international DJs, this is THE club for revellers in Osaka who are missing the dancefloor.

Bunraku theater

National Bunraku Theatre

Osaka's golden age was accompanied by the golden age of bunraku.

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Gay Osaka

Read a Gay Guide to Gay and Lesbian Community Centers, Bars, Clubs, Stores, Cinemas in Osaka by Japan Visitor.