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The sanctuaireHie-Jinja is dedicated to Oyamakui-no-kami, the guardian of the mountain and protector of the city of Tokyo.

Hie-Jinja Shrine

Leaning against a hill between the buildings of Akasaka, Hie Jinja has an soothing atmosphere for overworked employees and disoriented travelers.

The Buddhist temple Koganji of the Soto Zen sect in the district of Sugamo in Tokyo is particularly famous for its statue of Jizo Togenuki.

Koganji Temple

On Jizôdori street, Koganji temple attracts lots of Obachan - grandmothers - for symbolic healing powers.

The Gotoku-ji temple has been built by using a cat that would have saved the life of a noble. Since the manekineko is one of Japan FIG.

Gotoku-ji temple

The center of Tokyo moves away, the sky get bigger, houses replace the tall buildings, and the commuter train slowly empties of its passengers.

Beside the Tokyo National Museum, Ueno, the Kanei-ji Buddhist temple holds the graves of six shoguns.

Kanei-ji Temple

Notable for its five-story pagoda, the Kanei-ji watches over the graves of six Tokugawa Shoguns.