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Kyoto in Autumn

Japan in fall

How to plan your trip for the koyo, 2019

To help you plan the best route for enjoying the rich fall landscapes of the koyo, here is the 2019 forecast for Japan. The wave of burnished gold and red-colored leaves begins in late October this year, and lasts into December.

Every year, the deep red of the maple leaves in Japan heralds the end of the summer and the arrival of the winter season.

The Japan Meteorological Corporation announces their forecast each year for when the beautiful fall colors arrive in the country. And according to them it will be later than usual this year, with the peak of autumn colors in Tokyo being predicted as December 3rd for maples, and November 27th for the ginkgo trees.

The red hues of the Japanese maples will appear in early October in the north of Hokkaido, as well as in the mountainous regions of Japan, such as the Japanese Alps.

Then, they will gradually spread to the south of the country and to the less mountainous regions in the following weeks, reaching most areas by mid-November.

As for the peak season to admire the ginkgos turning golden, it will be between mid-November and end of November in most regions.

The best times to see the red maple leaves in Japan 2019

The best times to see the golden Ginkgo leaves in Japan 2019

Here are the details of the koyo 2019 forecast:


Ginkgo trees

November 5 
November 5 
November 14  
November 6 
SENDAI November 26 November 29
TOKYO December 3 November 27
KANAZAWA November 27  November 12
NAGANO November 21     November 13
NAGOYA December 1 November 19 
KYOTO December 9 November 26
OSAKA December 2 November 23
WAKAYAMA December 10 November 26
HIROSHIMA November 26 November 27
KOCHI December 6 November 15
FUKUOKA December 7 November 24
KAGOSHIMA December 10 November 27

Autumn in Japan

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