Promo on the Tokyo subway   東京地下チケット

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The Tokyo Metro lines and Tôei unlimited access with new maps 1-Day, 2-Day and 3-Day.

The Tokyo Metro lines and Tôei unlimited access with new maps 1-Day, 2-Day and 3-Day.

On the cards

While VAT has doubled in Japan, the Tokyo Subway is offering new favorable rates on day travel cards: Tokyo Subway Day Ticket, which allows you to take all lines of the Tokyo Metro and Tôei networks, is now available for 1, 2 or 3 days.

* 800 ¥ (5.70 €) for the Tokyo Subway 1-Day Ticket (instead of 1 000 yen)

* 1 200 ¥ (8.50 €) for the Tokyo Subway 2-Day Ticket

* 1 500 ¥ (10.70 €) for the Tokyo Subway 3-Day Ticket

Warning: these tickets are only valid on the day of purchase (+ the next day, and the next two days, respectively for the 2-Day and 3-Day tickets) and are currently only available at Haneda Airport (at the Tokyo Tourist Information Center, International Terminal 2nd floor) and Narita Airport (Keisei Bus counters, ground floor of the south wing and area A).

And do not forget the other promotions reserved for foreign travelers in Tokyo, for example on the Narita Express (train from the airport to central Tokyo) and the Limousine Bus (same journey by bus).

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Tokyo Subway 3-Day Ticket

Just to check - is the 3 days ticket can be use to travel to Yokohama and Maihama station (Disneyland) ? -The first day of the ticket start counting during on the day of purchase OR on the day when we start using the card. -Do we need to reserve the ticket in advance outside Japan or we can just show them the Passport and purchase it at the stated location at Tokyo. Looking forward your reply. Thnaks

2 day & 3 day pass

Hi, just want to check other than airport and Bic Camera, is it available at any subway station ? Because we are going to Tokyo from Kyoto.

3 day poss

Hi is it the 3 days pass only can purchase at airport ?

Ticket availability

Hi, just wanted to check if these 1-3 day passes will still be available for purchase in June 2016? On their website it said that the passes will only be available till 25 March 2016


I recommend the cheapest way to transfer to Tokyo (Tokyo & Ginza Station) by The Access Narita Every 20 min / Peak 15 min. JP¥1.000 + JP¥170(Metro Ticket) = JP¥1.170. More info here: Cheers!


Hello, Here it is said that the tickets are sold n airports, but also elsewhere, such as in BIC CAMERA stores in Tokyo.