Coronavirus - How to cancel your trip to Japan?

  • Published on : 05/02/2021
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Cherry blossoms in Tokyo


Comment faire pour reporter votre voyage au Japon utiliser votre avoir ?

Vous deviez partir au Japon avec Japan Experience ? Voici comment faire pour obtenir un remboursement ou un avoir et comment l'utiliser. 

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Coronavirus in Japan: What You Need to Know

Here are some useful links to make sure you can find all the information you need about travel to Japan during the COVID-19 situation.

Article updated on October 2021

National Crafts Museum-Kanazawa

The National Crafts Museum

Recently moved from its original location in Tokyo to Kanazawa in the Ishikawa prefecture, the National Crafts Museum is a great asset in the conservation and promotion of Japanese crafts.

Hanamikoji, le coeur du quartier de Gion

Gion & Higashiyama in Kyoto

The traditional neighborhood of Gion along with its Geisha has contributed to making Kyoto famous. Despite an urban metamorphosis, the spirit of Kyoto positively asserts itself here.

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