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A water fountain at Venus Fort Odaiba Tokyo

Venus Fort

Venus Fort is part of the Palette Town complex in Tokyo's waterside Odaiba district, and is one of the many attractions the area offers.

With this blue vault, you almost forget that you are in Tokyo, Japan.

Venus Fort

On the artificial island of Odaiba, Venus Fort shopping mall presents another side of Japan, an extravagant facet advocating delusions of grandeur.

View of Osaka from Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas in Abeno ward, Osaka, is Japan's tallest building at 300m, 4m taller than the next tallest building in Japan. Its observation deck offers a fantastic view of Osaka.

Where to buy a yukata without breaking the bank in Tokyo?

Much lighter than the kimono, the yukata is an essential item of clothing for the summer season.

The crowded alleys of Harajuku shelter a displaced culture where the only limit is imagination.

Takeshita dori: the iconic street of Harajuku

Takeshita dori: the crazy alley in Harajuku. Colorful crowd, costumed, grimaced, with colored hair, discolored; vintage, avant-garde or cosplay shops.

Des éventails, souvenir artisanal made in Kyoto.

What are the souvenirs to bring back from Kyoto?

Kyoto, its temples, its landscapes ... but that's not all! Make room in your suitcases and go shopping. Here are our tips on what souvenirs and gifts to buy in Kyoto.

Shops Hakuza

Souvenirs to bring back from Kanazawa

Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture) has been known for centuries for its high-quality crafts.

Dans le sanctuaire de la culture pop' et otaku qu'est AKihabara, Mandarake est le temple du manga.

Otaku Culture Store: Mandarake

Founded in Tokyo in 1980 by manga artist Masuzou Furukawa, Mandarake is one of the largest brands of second-hand items and collectibles related to anime and manga.


Edo kiriko, an art of the Edo period

The Edo Kiriko, literally "faceted object of Edo", is a type of traditional glassware that appeared in the Japanese capital at the end of the Edo period (1603-1868).

Marché aux puces

The best flea markets in Tokyo

If Tokyo is the city of fashion, luxury, and shopping, it also has a huge market for vintage goods.


Kobe HarborlandUmie

Passing through the port city of Kobe, you are seized by the irremediable desire to do some shopping? Don't panic; we have the address for you: KobeHarborland Umie!

Lumine Shinjuku

Shopping mecca on the Yamanote

Whether they are served by the Yamanote stations or even attached to them, shopping centers abound in Tokyo. Discover five of them today, for a great shopping experience!


Tatemachi Street

More used to Kanazawa's youth in search of the latest fashionable item than to hordes of tourists, Tatemachi shopping street is the ideal place for shopping or strolling a bit after visiting the ma


Matsuda Wagasa-ten

During the Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) eras, the city of Kanazawa had 118 wagasa shops in which no less than 500 experienced artisans worked with patience and meticulousness.


5 places to shop in Tokyo

Tokyo is the perfect city for shopping! In addition to the famous districts of Shibuya or Shinjuku, here are 5 alternative places to shop in the Japanese capital.

Fabric Street in Nippori

Do you like fabrics, clothing accessories and second-hand clothes? Meet at Fabric Street, north of the Japanese capital, in the Nippori district.

La vitrine de Zohiko


Located in the heart of Kyoto, the Zohiko store has been offering lacquers of exceptional quality for more than 350 years.

Kokusai-dori, ses palmiers et boutiques de souvenirs

Shopping in Naha: Kokusai and Heiwa Streets

The capital of Okinawa Prefecture has many wonders to offer. Kokusai and Heiwa streets are filled with shops and restaurants to discover the local culture!

La céramique de Bizen s'utilise dans la vie de tous les jours

Daikura, ceramic workshop of Bizen

At the end of 2011, Daikura created a ceramic workshop in Bizen (in Bizen) to continue this ancestral heritage.

Grand Front Osaka

Grand Front Osaka: Grand Front Osaka is a shopping, dining and commercial development north of JR Osaka Station in the Umeda district of the city.

Friperie à Shimokitazawa

Good addresses in Shimokitazawa


Not far from Shibuya, Shimokitazawa is the vintage district par excellence. Frequented by trendy young people, it will delight lovers of second-hand shops.


Bizen ceramics


Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture specializes in ceramics. A ceramic recognizable by its ocher and earthy color. A millennial know-how that the city does not fail to highlight.



The streets of Shinmonzen, Furumonzen and Shinbashi

Right next to Gion, the famous geisha district, a paradise for collectors can be found: several quiet streets which are full of traditional Japanese arts and crafts boutiques.

Don Quijote

The undeniable king of discount stores in Japan, discover the crazy world of Don Quijote. If you're looking for something, chances are you'll find it here!

Japan Visitor - parco_ueno_4.jpg

Ueno Frontier Tower

Ueno Frontier Tower in Taito ward, Tokyo, houses the 6-floor Parco_ya Ueno shopping center and the 3-floor Toho Cinemas Ueno complex.

Shimokitazawa Shopping

Shimokitazawa ("Shimokita" for short) is one of Tokyo's top shopping districts for vintage used clothing and accessories, and exudes a cutting edge street fashion vibe.

Disney Store Shibuya

Shibuya Disney Store

You love Mickey, you are in Tokyo and you want to immerse yourself in the magical world of the firm without breaking the bank or devoting the day to it?

Between 100 and 500 yen, you should find your happiness for almost nothing Daiso Harajuku.

Daiso Harajuku's 100 yen shop

What would a Japanese souk look like? You'll find out when you visit Daiso Harajuku in Tokyo. Hundreds of thousands of items from 100 to 500 yen, a budget Ali Baba cave!


Built in the place of the giant Matsuzakaya, Ginza Six is now the largest shopping complex in the Ginza district.

Ueno Okachimachi Shopping

Ueno and its Okachimachi district are full of shopping opportunities from luxury to bargain basement, all within walking distance of Japan's biggest museum and art gallery area.

Japan Visitor - unicitywalk-2.jpg

Universal Citywalk Osaka

Universal Citywalk Osaka is an American-style mall at the entrance to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka.

Sunshine Sakae

Sunshine Sakae shopping mall opened in 2005 in the heart of Nagoya, and is located west of Oasis 21 and the TV Tower.

Hiyoko Manju: Fukuoka's Favorite Souvenir

The hiyoko manju is a treat made in Fukuoka since 1912. It's in the shape of a small chick, and comes in various flavors depending on the season. It is Fukuoka's top omiyage (souvenir).

Hakata Station

Hakata Station is a major station in the Japanese railway network. It brings together regional lines, national lines with the Shinkansen and the Fukuoka subway.

Choosing and Buying Ceramics in Japan

How do you decide which Japanese ceramics to purchase when you know almost nothing or nothing at all?

Daikanyama Hillside Terrace

Far from the urban hustle and bustle of Shibuya, Daikanyama Hillside Terrace is an ideal place to visit for a relaxing afternoon!

Strike a Pose in Kimono

Capture your honeymoon in Japan amongst the wonders of Kyoto wearing a sumptuous kimono!

Among the treasures of the library Isseido Kanda, are rare guidebooks from the early twentieth.

Isseido Bookstore

Welcome to a real point of reference for the letters.

A Kanda (Tokyo) Ohya-shobo library, founded in 1882 specializes in ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world) and graphic arts of the Edo period (1603-1867).

Ohya Bookstore

Fans of prints, old maps and old plans of Edo (now Tokyo) will not miss a visit to Ohya-shobo Bookstore

Manufacturing Sarubobo Takayama

Hida Takayama Memory Revival Hall

Buying a souvenir during a trip, is completely normal. But making it yourself, is even better!

Hyakumanben market


Near the University of Kyoto, in this student district students, on the fifteenth of each month, along the tree-lined paths of Chion-in, is held one of the three main markets of the city.

Ichihara Heibei Shôten

Ichihara Heibei Shôten

Yes, size matters. The ideal length of the chopsticks is the equivalent to one and half times the distance between the thumb and forefinger.

Hirata, who sells bamboo blind


Sudare, bamboo blinds gently filter sunlight through windows and the wind brushes past them entering Japanese interiors.



A unique store of "specialized fashion", Hanjiro seduces the young with the diversity of the clothing it offers and its reasonable prices.

Cosmetics store Chidoriya


In the former capital more than anywhere elsewhere, revamped traditional skincare and beauty products, have a certain attraction for the young and the not so young.

Fujimoto Saiundo

Fujimoto Saiundo

Looking for an original gift? A quaint souvenir? The old-fashioned store run by the Fujimoto couple as an introduction to the art of Nihon-ga, traditional Japanese painting.

Fuji Daimaru

Fuji Daimaru

Near Kawaramachi Station is one of the largest depato (abbreviation department store, shopping center) in Kyoto, Fuji Daimaru.



A bright store window filled with beautiful things; ukiyo-e (traditional prints), prints on wood, shin-hanga (an artistic movement that modernized print styles), books and other p

Book-Off Kyoto

Book-Off at Sanjo Keihan Station

Thanks to the this famous Japanese secondhand store, Book-Off, local music has almost no secrets for novices.

Pâtisserie des Rêves

La Patisserie des Rêves

The talented French pastry chef Philippe Conticini, known in France for his delicious Paris-Brest pastries, has exported his know-how of flavors, and his talent for evoking childhood memories throu



The best, warm, soft and resistant clothes ... with Japanese technology as a bonus!



Imposing by its size and the impressive number of shops and restaurants, Avanti, which is accessible from Kyoto station, will delight shopaholics.



No one can ignore the elegant walk of Japanese ladies hidden under their parasols when the sun comes out. Tsujikura makes it possible to bring back a fleeting image as a souvenir.



Every apprentice warrior seeks the ideal equipment. Tozando store specializing in martial arts, leads curious visitors on the route of the sword.

Tessaido shop prints.


Discover the shelves of this fabulous store between prints displaying the graceful curves of women or undulating landscapes of Japan and stylized paintings with a priceless cachet, you will find so

Japan Visitor - kitte-x.jpg

Kitte Marunouchi Tokyo

Kitte Marunouchi is a modern shopping, dining and cultural complex in the Japan Post JP Tower building near Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan.

Laforet Mall is the flagship of Tokyo's trends

Laforet Harajuku

This fortress with futuristic lines, topped by an imposing tower, houses Laforet Harajuku shopping mall, the flagship of Tokyo trends.

Animate entire building is filled with manga. A favorite place for otaku of Akihabara.


The well-stocked shelves of Animate are located in a very complete building in Akihabara. Very particular enthusiasts gather on each floor.

Kappabashi-dori is the paradise of all restaurant in Tokyo.


All Japanese apprentice chefs must equip themselves with utensils from Kappabashi-dori, a paradise for Japanese restaurant owners.

Since 1717, the front of the store comb Yonoya Kushiho illuminates the streets of Asakusa (Tokyo) for its simplicity.

Yonoya Kushiho

Established in Asakusa since 1717 this artisan comb-maker maintains the traditional techniques for making these essential accessories for the hairstyles of high society ladies.

Jizôdori is one of symbols of the neighborhood Sugano north of Tokyo.


Aging Japan, welcoming Japan, caring Japan... This is what could sum up the special atmosphere of Jizôdori pedestrian street.

From eight in the morning on the last Thursday and Friday of the month, ground floor of the King Building in Roppongi becomes the antiques fair.

Roppongi Antique Fair

Connoisseurs may find a rare gem at Roppongi Antique Fair.

Facade of Ship Shop Samakatado Minato (Tokyo).

Shop Samakatado

A branch of the Origata Institute of Design, Shop Samakatado in Omotesando, has an impressive collection of traditional Japanese paper.

One of departo, department store, which animate the neighborhood Seibu in Tokyo.


The flow of employees returning from work merges with mothers and adolescent girls buying their evening meal.

The front of Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku.

Tokyu Hands

Looking for a toothbrush, a tripod, a backpack or a wig? The famous chain store Tokyu Hands meets all your needs! From the most basic to the most eccentric.

The room circular projection of the Sony Center in Ginza is an opportunity to keep the memory of an electronic ultra-Tokyo.

Sony Building

In the heart of Ginza, the Sony Building is worth visiting as much for its architecture as for the latest technological trends from the Japanese brand it exhibits.

Kamism Lab is a boutique studio dedicated to washi, Japanese paper.

Kamism Lab

The construction of the Sky Tree jostled the popular neighborhood of Sumida, where workshop-boutiques thrive. Among them, Kamism Lab, a brand specialized in Japanese paper.

The Ita-ya in Ginza, the store where the paper becomes a luxury.

Ito -Ya

Since 1904 Ito-ya has found its place among the great luxury brands of the Ginza district. A place between past and modernity, where it nice to walk around, far from the international brands.

Bondi bookstore in the neighborhood booksellers Kanda is specialized in the works of the beatnik generation.

Bondi Books

The orphans of the sixties and seventies console themselves with Bondi Bookstore in the heart of Kanda.

Uniqlo shops and Bic Camera, two brands have created a very creative original hybrid shop: Bicqlo in Shinjuku.


Opened in September 2012, Bicqlo brings together two Japanese giants, Uniqlo and Bic Camera, two brands together in a hybrid and original store.

Store the size of a whole neighborhood behind Ueno Park, Matsuzakaya remains a monument of the commercial history of Japan.


A store the size of an entire neighborhood behind the Ueno Park, Matsuzakaya remains a monument of Japan's commercial history.

Novels, essays, manga, art books, books for children ... all genres invest shelves of the bookstore Kinokuniya Shoten-Shibuya.


The Japanese like to read. For proof, just watch them on public transport or go to Takashimaya Times Square.

Kiddyland in trendy Shibuya is the temple of children's toys.


Japan is characterized by its multitude of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. And there is also Kiddyland, a real toy temple.

Sake Brewery Hirase

Hirase sake brewery

Hirase, the oldest sake brewery in Takayama, takes pride in its beautiful and precious bottles...

HEP five red whale

HEP Five

If the urge to shop strikes, why not head to HEP Five in Osaka, the impressive shopping mall complete with its own Ferris wheel... 

Tachibana Dori

Tachibana-dori / Orange Street

Tachibana-dori shopping street is the most hype Osaka artery. Designer shops, lounge restaurants and fashionable bars, it is a Cornelian choice.

Mall Doguya-suji

Doguya-suji Arcade

This arcade delights all cooking addicts and amateur chefs!

South Hepburn

South Hepburn

At this fashionable florist in Osaka, plants and their beautifying petals, evanescent splendors, brighten up the lives of travelers.

Three Tides Studio

Three Tides Tattoo

You must suffer to be beautiful. The Three Tides Tattoo team would not say otherwise. The reputation of this tattoo studio travels beyond the coasts of the archipelago.

Shop kobaïen


For four hundred years, not a single day has gone by without the old imperial city making ink flow. With 90% of national production, Nara is the capital of the most lettered of liquids.

Pastry restaurant Nanpodo

Nanpodo Sweet Shop

Red beans, rice, sweet potato, alcohol... who could imagine that these ingredients, once subjected to a strange alchemy, could create such delicious candies?

Kamiya-cho ShareO

Kamiya-cho Shareo

With a shopping center, an information center and an underground station, Kamiya-cho Shareo has offered both easy access to public transportation and cafes, restaurants, small shops, and banks sinc

Yale Yale A-Kan

Yale Yale A-kan

Fancy a shopping trip to the Japanese core? Yale Yale A-kan is no exception to the gigantism and exuberance that characterizes Japanese malls.

Hiroshima Hondori Shopping Arcade

Hondori Shopping Arcade

Its name hondôri literally means "main street". However, no buses, cars or traffic lights. For pedestrians, the street invites all those who come to shop.

Souvenir shop Juzushi


Like every self-respecting holy place, Koyasan also has its traditional gift shop. A well-stocked shop where you can find everything but faith.

Nosaku lacquer workshop in Kanazawa


The Nosaku sells lacquer objects typical of Kanazawa. A manufacture renowned for over two centuries.

Fukuoka Canal City Hakata

Canal City

At the heart of Hakata, this colorful shopping center offers five floors of shops and restaurants.

Brasserie Fukumitsuya

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

With family, colleagues or as an offering before a Buddhist altar, hot or cold, alone or with food, sake is savored in many ways in the Japanese islands.

Shops Hakuza


One ten thousandth of a millimeter thick ... Microscopic thickness which nevertheless illuminates Kanazawa: gold leaf.

Kanko Bussankan

Kanko Bussankan

One thing is certain, Ishikawa Prefecture is proud. Strong regionalism exalts local crafts, which crystallize in Kanazawa at the regional products center: Kanko Bussankan.


Dolls Rokuro-Kobo-Katase

Kokeshi, wooden dolls born in the Edo period, such as those proposed by the Rokuro-Kobo-Katase are among the most popular souvenirs for visitors to Japan.


Amerika mura

Want the latest fashion trends in Osaka? The most essential accessories for the Japanese youths swarming the streets? Head for the "American Village" (Amerika-mura)!

Namba city

Namba City

Vast corridors of shiny beige marble, light diffusing a hazy golden halo throughout the complex, and a huge replica of the N-1 rocket!

Den Den Town

Den Den Town

Watch the eyes of old school entertainment enthusiasts light up as they see the huge stacks of used video games.

At the foot of the Mori Tower in Roppongi, the Mummy, bronze sculpture by the French-American Louise Bourgeois spider.

Roppongi Hills

Make for the high ground and head to Roppongi Hills, a complex combining culture and leisure overlooking the city, with an effervescence that never feels oppressive.

Daikanyama neighborhood, a stone's throw from Shibuya, brings fashion boutiques, terraces, restaurants and bookstores.


One station from Shibuya, accessible via the Toyoko Line, the Daikanyama area brings together fashion boutiques, terraces, restaurants and bookstores.

A store Tokashimaya Tokyo.


A department store in the district of Nihonbashi, Takashimaya always attracts visitors by the quality of its products.

Tower of Shibuya 109, also emblematic of Shibuya Hachiko that status.

Shibuya 109

With eight floors dedicated to ladies' fashion, the 109 is enough to make any young woman addicted.

On Omotesando Avenue, the Oriental Bazaar attracts the eye with its bright colors and Asian façade.

Oriental Bazaar

On Omotesando Avenue, flashy colors attract the attention of passersby. A red and green temple seems to built into a building. Welcome to the Orie to be ofntal Bazaar.



How writers, poets, and painters have raved about the beauty of Japanese women: their velvety skin as white as milk, fluid and smooth their hair cascading over their neck...

The depatô Isetan located in Kyoto Station extends over 13 floors.


In the Kyoto station , this complex avant-garde glass architecture built in 1997 by architect Hiroshi Hara, the depatô - Japanese department store - Isetan totaled thirteen floors.



Teramachi street is full of perfect souvenirs to remember your stay in Japan long after you've returned.

Omotesando shopping street in Miyajima

Omotesando shopping street

Not to be confused with the trendy district of Tokyo, Omotesando is one of the busiest streets in Miyajima!

Japan Visitor - osaka-shopping-8.jpg

Osaka Shopping Guide

Osaka Shopping: read a guide to shopping in Osaka including department stores, underground malls, Amemura, Namba Parks, Harukas and stores for foreign goods.

Japan Visitor - solamachi.jpg

Tokyo Solamachi Shopping

Tokyo Solamachi is a shopping, dining, event, and exhibition complex annexed to the Tokyo Skytree and run by the Tobu Railway Company.

Tokyo Shopping

Tokyo shopping: read a guide to shopping in Tokyo, where to shop and what to buy in Akihabara, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and elsewhere.

Japan Visitor - kyoto-shopping-2.jpg

Kyoto Shopping

Kyoto shopping: read a guide to shopping in Kyoto including the department stores of Shijo Kawaramachi, Nishiki, Kyoto Station and Kitayama Dori.

Kyoto Handicraft Center

Kyoto Handicraft Center: read a guide to the Kyoto Handicraft Center, a one-stop emporium for Kyoto arts and crafts in Okazaki, Kyoto.

Kitchen Garden bio shop

Kitchen Garden

Japanese cuisine is particularly based on the quality of its ingredients, then arranged aesthetically. Organic ingredients are the key to its quality and culinary art form. 


Ginza Shopping

Ginza shopping: read about the main shopping attractions in Ginza, Tokyo's ritziest and most luxurious fashion retail district.

Japan Visitor - shinjukushopping20191.jpg

Shinjuku Shopping Tokyo

Shinjuku Shopping Tokyo: read about the main shopping attractions in Shinjuku, Tokyo's biggest and most bustling commercial district.

Japan Visitor - shibuya20194.jpg

Shibuya Shopping

Read about the main shopping attractions in Shibuya, Tokyo's prime youth fashion district.

Akihabara Shopping

Read about the main shopping attractions in Akihabara, Tokyo's biggest and most bustling electronics and anime culture district.

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Read a guide to the massive, fashion discount shopping Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza where nearly every major fashion brand is represented, in the beautiful alpine resort of Karuizawa only one ho

Street Shinkyogoku


The quintessential street filled with souvenir shops, the best buys aren't in Shinkyogoku, but it's where all the country's middle and high school students visit on a school trip to Kyoto.

Shop Nintendo Wanpaku


Kyoto, the city of Nintendo and other video game companies, has the minimum to satisfy gamers .

Bookstore Keibunsha


In Kei Bunsha, books invite us to rethink the practice of reading; in the face of silent texts, only images bring meaning...

Cave Ebina


Upon arrival, Ebina-san is happy to help you find the bottles of wine you need for a long stay in Kyoto .

Kyoto Design House

Running out of inspiration? Kyoto Design House happens to be the perfect place to shop for some of the city's iconic trinkets, when the lack of gift ideas comes.

Green market Sisam


The "handmade" market stalls at Chion-ji feature Southeast Asian clothing that is perfect for the hot and humid summer of Kyoto.

Boutique incense LISN


LISN, a brand of Shoyeido, a three-hundred-year-old company, opened its incense shop in 2004.

Shop Ikawa Tateguten

Sliding doors: Ikawa Tategu-ten

In how many books films, the shoji, those sliding wooden doors whose paper walls delicately filter the rays of the sun, have made themselves accomplices in murders and coh

Bronzes Nakajima shop


A budding collector? Are you looking for a beautiful old piece to decorate your little home? Run into the shop of Mr.



Enclosed in a metallic structure with momiji motifs, the autumnal colored maple leaves, the Sfera building, and its minimalist interior play the figureheads of modernism in the la

Jusan-ya shop comb


Malleable, revealing and symbolic, hair is the expression of art applied to the body. In the heart of Kyoto, a family has been making real hair Stradivarius for five generations.

Cutlery Aritsugu


As sharp as a sword, Japanese kitchen knives(hōchō) reflect quality and expertise second to none. The spirit of the blade reflects the heart of the person using it.



A specialist in Japanese teas, Ippodo aims to introduce to the public the subtleties of a divine and delicate brew.

Morita Wagami

Morita Wagami

Literally "paper paradise", this shop in the Shimogyo district offers a wide selection of traditional papers of all kinds.

Konjaku Nishimura

Konjaku Nishimura

A traditional textile shop on Shinmonzen-dori in the heart of the Gion district, Konjaku Nishimura, offers a spectacular collection of antique clothing such as a k



On the corner of two pedestrian streets, a traditional old building with wooden panelling stands illuminated by light from the inside, and catches the eye...

Kyoto Design House.

Kyoto Design House Japanese Crafts

Kyoto Design House should be a port of call for all visitors to Kyoto interested in buying and taking home a Japanese craft item at a reasonable price.

Namba Parks

Namba Parks Namba Osaka

Namba Parks なんばパークス is a shopping & office development in the Namba area of Osaka with a series of roof-top gardens on its exterior and an 11-screen cinema.