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The atmosphere caulked the Trump Room in Shibuya.

Trump Room

The Trump Room is now permanently closed. You can find other bars, clubs and pubs listed here.

With Asahi Sky Room, visitors can have a drink while contemplating Tokyo from above.

Asahi Sky Room

Prèsde Asakusa, sur la berge de la Sumida, un bâtiment au nom d’unecélèbre brasserie de bière nippone a mis le bar haut !

Club Ageha in Tokyo is the largest nightclub in Tokyo.


Ageha (butterfly in Japanese) is the most popular and biggest club in Japan, four gigantic stages and smaller hidden ones, an impeccable sound system and quality programming that clubs around the w

The facade of the Bonobo bar in Shibuya, the smallest cocktail bar in Tokyo.

The Bonobo bar

In the heart of Harajuku, hidden behind a transparent curtain and a heavy wooden door, lies the smallest cocktail bar in Tokyo.