Eiheiji   永平寺

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Eiheiji Temple

Eiheiji temple entrance.

Eiheiji Temple

View the Eiheiji temple on the mountainside.

Just sit

"If your mind is clear, a Zen master is not necessary, the Buddha is not necessary, nothing is necessary. "

Seung Sahn

High place of Buddhist spirituality, headquarters of the school of Soto Zen, Eiheiji was designed to be cut off from the world and yet it is one of the most visited monasteries.

Near Fukui, this mountainside monastery, in the middle of a forest of cedar trees and venerable Japanese cedars, the "Temple of Eternal Peace" since its origins is dedicated to the practice of meditation in sitting posture (zazen), that is to say shikantaza, meaning "just sitting" and nothing more. The religious community and novices continue this discipline without giving up physical tasks. Cooking, gardening and cleaning help in leading to the path of enlightenment. In this soothing place, the murmuring of the mountain water accompanies meditators. Visitors from around the world visit Eiheiji for a retreat. Others just spend the day.

Established in 1244 by Dogen (1200-1253), the founder of the Soto Zen Buddhist School, the monastery has more than sixty old buildings, but not all are open to the public, and a brand new hotel. The shrine-mausoleum of Master Dogen is preserved in this idyllic setting.

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