Nijo Castle   二条城

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Pond View of Nijo-jo.


Roof of the castle Nijo-jo.


A singing floor, some secret rooms ... Nijo Castle is very unique castle worth exploring during your stay in Kyoto. 

Built in 1603 as the residence of the first shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616), Nijo castle consists of several buildings, fortifications and beautiful gardens where ginkos and other Japanese cherry trees bloom. 

The refined architectural style of the castle and various other elements that make up the remains shows Ieyasu's prestige while announcing implicit renunciation of the emperor to power. 

Nijo castle is a place of memory and beauty, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, thanks to its uniqueness.

Wary of traitors, Ieyasu lay a "nightingale"  flooring in the castle corridors. Whoever set foot on this floor would immediately hear a sound similar to the chirping of a bird. This way there was no fear of being surprised by intruders or potential assassins, such as the legendary ninja. 

The tour makes you discover paintings by famous artists from the Kano school, including Tanyu Kano's (1602-1647) work, representing the imperious pine reception hall, as well as decorative elements - sliding panels concealing secret rooms where the bodyguards of Tokugawa Ieyasu rested and could watch over their master. 

Hint: look up and admire the detail of the ceiling, and let yourself be carried away by the song of nightingales.

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