Machiya   町家

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Brasserie Machiya

Exposure brewery Machiya.

Running beer gathers no moss

Blonde and light, it'll almost make you dizzy. Feast on this Japanese beer, taking first place in the hearts of the Japanese at Machiya brewery. A pure delight for beer connoisseurs.

This small family business has been distilling rice alcohol since 1781 and brewing beer since 1997. The production starts from scratch and ends with delicious spirits. For three hundred yen, an employee takes visitors around this traditional house. Some things are lost in translation but the explanations are nice. Taste at leisure the fresh water that flows from a fountain in the center of the main room. No headaches are to be expected from this source that descends from the sacred Mount Hiei, the highest mountain in the Kyoto vicinity.

In addition to its beers, the store offers a wide selection of sake. The most expensive sells for 6,000 yen in a beautiful, 1950's style bottle. What a memory foam that is!

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