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Japanese Food Glossary

Here is an A-Z glossary of Japanese food words and phrases.

Sukiyaki hot pot

Japanese Nabe

In Japanese, nabe (pronounced "nah-beh") simply means pot. Nabe ryori (pot cooking) has become a generic term for meals cooked in a pot - vegetables, meat and noodles or rice cooked at the table in

Café à Tokyo

Kissaten, Japanese retro cafes

In the land of green tea, there is no shortage of coffee enthusiasts or "Kissaten", coffee shops. Imported to Japan in the late 1800s and the first cafe opened in the early 1900s.


the tsukemen

Tsukemen are the ideal dish for anyone who cannot do without noodles during the hot and humid summers of the Japanese archipelago.

Kaiseki Ryori

Kaiseki ryori, Japanese gourmet cuisine

Japanese cuisine is renowned around the world and one of its most refined and sought-after expressions bears the name of Kaiseki ryori , the Japanese gourmet meal comprised of several cour

Avec son enveloppe croustillante et son intérieur moelleux, le melon pan est un en-cas apprécié à tout moment de la journée

The Melon Pan, the Japanese brioche

By its round and generous shape, the melon pan invites you to indulge. Its cracked appearance looks like a melon, but does it taste like it?


Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets

The term wagashi refers to traditional Japanese sweets. Usually small, the size of just a few mouthfuls, they come in many shapes, textures and using various ingredients.

Les dango

Dango: the kawaii mochi balls

The dango is a small ball of mochi served in a skewer.

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