The 2011 Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show, also referred to as TGS is a video games exhibition annually held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba.
The exhibition is oriented toward both professionals and the general public.
 Major event in this field, it is eagerly awaited by fans from all around the world to discover the new releases. 

A major event awaited for by fans all around the world

The Tokyo Game Show, annually held in September in the Makuhari Messe exhibition center in Chiba, will take place this year on September 17th and 18th. It is a great opportunity to discover the latest video games and consoles releases. Last year, the 200 000 visitors record was beaten and this year again, many visitors from all around the world will visit the exhibition. 



The latest video games releases

Among the hundreds of exhibitors, the big video games names such as Nintendo, Sony, Kojima production, Capcom,… are of course present. But you can also find PC manufacturers or telecommunications companies in response to the recent years’ trends in media and technology.
Smartphones, cloud developers and SNS will also be exhibiting as they represent a new approach to traditional video games. 

The "Sense of Wonder Night"

One of the most anticipated events of the show is the “Sense of Wonder Night”. This event aims at giving a chance to video games developers to present their work and therefore reveal the most original and promising ideas.
A jury, composed of developers and producers, awards the winner’s prize to games displaying the most originality, being from their origins, complexities or supports. 

And not to forget Cosplay

Of course, as a natural extension to video games, one cannot talk about the Tokyo Game Show without mentioning Cosplays. Hundreds of visitors coming from all parts of the world attend the TGS posing as their favorite video games characters. Some exhibitors even organize separate competitions in order to promote their games. In addition to games displayed on the screens, walking in the middle of their characters in the flesh, is one of the most popular attraction in the exhibition. 


TGS Practical tips

1000 yens tickets and "TGS 2011 SUPORTERS CLUB" tickets are on sale on TGS official website.

Official TGS website

Makuhari Messe is located 30 minutes away from Tokyo Station

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