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Top 5 bars with the best views of Tokyo

It is well known that the Japanese capital has a real effervescence that varies depending on the district.

Neon lights of a robot at the Robot Restaurant Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant

Flighting robots, futuristics choreography and other scenes of science fiction: the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku features performances straight out of anime movies.


Tokyo tower nuit

What to do in Tokyo when you suffer from jet lag?

With an eight-hour time difference between the two countries in winter (and seven hours in summer), a flight from France to Japan can be intense.

L'entrée du Golden Gai.

Shinjuku's Golden Gai District

Six narrow and crowded alleys, sometimes linked by even narrower passages, some two hundred tiny and outdated stalls, a bit decrepit: welcome to Golden Gai.

L'observatoire de la mairie de Tokyo

Tokyo City Hall, Shinjuku Twin Towers Observatory

The Empire State Building is to New York what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. But what about the city of Tokyo? Which building really makes the identity of the Japanese capital?

cote d'azur

The best karaoke places to sing in Tokyo

Want to push the song? During your visit to the Japanese capital, be sure to try the famous karaoke bars, emblems of Japanese leisure.

La façade de la gare de Tokyo

Tokyo station to get to the imperial palace

More than a hub, Tokyo station is rich with history surpassing its existence for over a century.

Where to sample and buy sake in Osaka

Called nihonshu by the Japanese, sake enjoys an international reputation.

Yamanote Line Food Tour: 5 specialties to discover

Every neighborhood on the Yamanote line is unique. Whether it's the architecture, the people, or the shops, each station has its own identity. That goes for the food, too!

Alfred Tea Room

When photography invites itself into dessert plates

The coffee/tea break is of utmost importance in Japan as in the West!. With its hundreds of cafes scattered all over the country, Japan is a delight for coffee/tea lovers...


The Expocity shopping complex

Ideally located at the foot of the Bampaku-Kinen-Koenet monorail station, just a few minutes from the Expo '70 commemorative park, the huge Expocity shopping and entertainment complex will satisfy

whisky japonais

The best places to drink whiskey in Tokyo

Japanese whiskeys are known and recognized throughout the world. Enthusiasts, amateurs, or curious visitors will find what they are looking for in Tokyo, where there are many specialized bars.

Kosoan, la maison de thé traditionnelle de Jiyugaoka

Kosoan, the traditional Japanese tea house in the heart of Tokyo

Located a stone's throw from Tokyo's gondolas, in the Jiyugaoka district, Kosoan is a charming little traditional tea house.

5 Tokyo meals for 1,000 yen or less in the Michelin Guide

With 234 restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide, Tokyo is one of the most renowned cities in the world in terms of gastronomy. Yet dining out may not be as expensive as you think.


Toyota MegaWeb

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, a visit to the Toyota Mega Web Theme Park should be on your to-do list when visiting the man-made island of Odaiba.



The port city of Yokohama has had a new complex dedicated to entertainment and leisure for a few days: Asobuild.

Les Tachinomiya, les bars sans siège japonais

Tachinomiya of Osaka

Osaka is known for its food and the friendliness of its people.

Toretore Village

Toretore Village

The "Toretore Village" is made up of more than a hundred original and unique dwellings to spend a night or a whole week there to enjoy the many additional activities of the Adventure World park and

Une des chambres de hanare

The city hotel hanare

It is in the old district of Yanaka, in the North-East of Tokyo, that hanare offers a unique accommodation concept: integrating its guests into the life of the district.

Hattoji International Villa

The Hattoji International Villa, located in the heart of the Japanese countryside, aims to introduce visitors to a lesser-known Japan, far from the hustle and bustle of the big cities of the archip

La résidence Samantha Martha

The Samantha Martha Residence

If you visit the city of Hamamatsu, you may well find yourself confronted with the very singular vision of a residence that seems straight out of a Tim Burton film.

Le "village oublié" de Gajoen

Hotel Wasure-no-sato Gajoen

Located in a green setting a few kilometers from the small town of Kirishima and the sea, the Wasure-no-sato Gajoen hotel is a hamlet made up of thatched-roof houses.

L'hôtel Mongolia Village Tenger

Mongolia Village Tenger Hotel

With its 32 Yurts, the Mongolia Village Tenger hotel offers its visitors a unique experience inspired by the nomadic peoples of Central Asia.

L'hôtel Villa Santorini

Hotel Villa Santorini

Located on the eastern coast of Shikoku, in the small town of Tosa, the Villa Santorini hotel is a small piece of Santorini in the heart of Japan, all just a handful of hours from Tokyo!

La devanture de l'hôtel

The Hotel EN of Takeda Castle

A former sake brewery that has become a luxury hotel complex, the EN Hotel at Takeda Castle allows travelers who stay there as well as curious visitors to discover its marvelous traditional archite

Le cadre exceptionnel du Sasayuri-Ann

Sasayuri Ann

The lily hermitage: a very pretty name for a bicentenary cottage completely renovated and made available to visitors, in the village of Fukano, in the prefecture of Nara.

Hoshino Resort Tomamu

The Ice Hotel at Hoshino Resort Tomamu

Who has never dreamed of living an experience apart? This is what the Ice Hotel offers, located in the heart of the northern island of Hokkaido.

La chambre hantée de Universal Studios Japan

The haunted rooms of Universal Studios Japan

To celebrate Halloween, Universal Studios Japan is thinking big! Indeed since 2015, the park has offered ''haunted'' rooms to celebrate the horror festival.


The Dentsu Building

In the Shiodome district, the Dentsu Building is much more than the headquarters of the Dentsu, the largest advertising agency in the world!.

Cafetel Kyoto

The Cafetel hotel

Since its opening in July 2018, the Cafetel hotel in Kyoto has already made a lot of noise. Too bad for the gentlemen, this is an establishment entirely reserved for ladies.

Celebrate Halloween in Tokyo!

Halloween is very popular in Japan. And especially in the capital, where there are special events throughout the month of October.

Mimi et Takuya Tachibana. Studio Himawari , Karaoké

Himawari Studio

In this atypical karaoke studio, Mimi on sax and Takuya Tachibana on electric guitar accompany amateur singers until the end of the night.

Yayoi ryokan

Places to visit Ono

Small country towns are perfect for an excursion off the beaten track, but the language barrier sometimes prevents visitors from finding the best places to stay, dine and shop.

The 52nd floor of the Mori Tower is the Tokyo City View, a panoramic observatory on the capital.

Tokyo's 5 Best twilight views

Before exploring Tokyo at night, treat yourself to a view of the city after dark from a birds-eye-view... Here are the five most beautiful places to view Tokyo under the stars!

L'accueil du cinéma Shinjuku Wald 9

Late night cinema in Japan


In the mood for a late-night movie? These theaters offer views past midnight!


Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Tokyo Midtown Hibiyase presents as the little brother of Tokyo Midtown Roppongi.

Keihan Kyoto tower

Kyoto's Top 5 Night Views

If in Tokyo, it is easy to gain height to admire the illuminated buildings, the views of Kyoto are rarer, especially at night.

La piscine "Sky Pool" du Keio Plaza Hotel

Go for a swim under the stars

Some pools are open late at night in Tokyo, often located in luxury hotels; they are accessible for a fee. A moment of relaxation after a busy day under the stars of Tokyo!

4 croisières de nuit à Tokyo

Night cruise in Tokyo

Day or night, Tokyo offers a magnificent skyline. And especially on the bay, where boat cruises unveil another face of Tokyo... Here are four excellent cruises for you to consider!

Ace Hotel

The future Ace Hotel in Kyoto

A brand new Ace Hotel will open its doors at the end of 2019 in the former imperial capital, Kyoto. The first Japanese hotel of the American chain promises to be luxurious.

Le vin, au plus proche du goût du raisin

Tokyo's organic wine bars


Organic wine has been quite popular in Japan and appreciated for a long time. Here's a list of bars serving organic wine from nature's best grapes! 


Les clubs de Tokyo

Top 5 clubs in Tokyo

Temples and parks during the day, bars and nightclubs after sundown, Tokyo is a city that can be enjoyed both day and night and especially for fans of electro music...

Gado-shita de Yurakucho

Restaurants and bars under the train tracks

The elevated railway tracks are no exception in a city where even the tiniest square meter is valued.

The 634 meters high Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida.

Nighttime water activities in Tokyo

Canoeing, cruising on a traditional barge, kabuki show on an Edo-era boat...Here are some nighttime activities on the bay to enjoy Tokyo differently!


La Asahi Black et la Asahi Super Dry

Ice cold brew in Tokyo summer

What's better than an ice-cold mug of beer in Tokyo's blistering summer heat? Check out our favorite places to relax and cool down with a cold one!

Pachinko balls

Discover pachinko in Takayama

Far from the usual deafening establishments, it is in an almost family atmosphere that you can test the gambling that brings together millions of players in Japan.

Les artistes de l'association

Setouchi Circus Factory

Based on the island of Shikoku, Setouchi Circus Factory is an association that tries to spread circus arts throughout Japan.

Un spectacle de geishas

Where to see geishas in Tokyo

When we think of geishas, we immediately imagine the streets of the Gion district in Kyoto.

two rooms

The best rooftops in Tokyo

Do you want to gain height during your visit to the Japanese capital?

Champagne au Peak Bar

The Peak Bar in Tokyo

Looking for a chic spot to watch the sunset over Tokyo's skyscrapers, or just want to visit one of the most iconic sets from the movie Lost In Translation? Head to the Peak Bar!

Pikachu, Charmander, Piplup .. All Pocket Monsters Pokemon are in the center of Tokyo.

Top 7 Themed Cafes in Tokyo

Have you ever been to pet cats in a cat cafe? Hold a hedgehog in the palm of your hand? Confront the reptiles?

Shimokitazawa Live Performance Spots

Shimokitazawa is a hip youth district in western Tokyo with dozens of "live houses": underground performance venues for rock, pop, DJs, and other music genres.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe

In the 1950s Godzilla, the mutant dinosaur, terrorized the Japanese capital, but there's been a new monster in town since 2015.

Asako Watanabe, one of only 7 female sake producers in Japan.

Asako Watanabe, the only woman producing sake in Gifu

Asako Watanabe is one of the few female master brewers (Toji) in Japan. She produces her sake in the south of Gifu prefecture, near Nagoya, using the traditional know-how of her family.

A Starbucks Space by Kengo Kuma

In Tokyo, in the district of Nakameguro, a Starbucks coffee roastery will open in 2018. It will be entirely designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Oiwake Minyo Sakaba

Oiwake Minyo Sakaba is a live concert venue in Asakusa, Tokyo for minyo - Japanese traditional folk music akin to the blues.

Sapporo Beer

Who hasn't heard of Sapporo Beer? Along with Kirin and Asahi, Sapporo is one of the top three most consumed Japanese beers. It is also one of the oldest brewed in Japan.

Meikyoku Kissa Lion

In Shibuya, an almost one hundred year old cafe lies hidden behind a simple facade. Having stood its ground since 1926, the property offers a simple but enjoyable drinks menu.

Osaka-jo Hall

Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, has an incredible multipurpose building to match its ambitions: Osaka-jo Hall.

Vue sur la Roppongi Hills Mori Tower

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower


Roppongi Hills is a huge urban project built in the early 2000s and at the heart of which the Mori Tower is the center.


Fukuoka Dome

Between sea and land, the Fukuoka Dome rises, half covered by a retractable roof, first of its kind in Japan.

Pet Cafes

Life in Tokyo can be stressful. Some Tokyoites are seeking to escape the daily grind, lack of human contact or grumpy landlords. Their solution? Pet cafes.

Nagoya Dome

After the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, our tour of the great temples of Japanese baseball brings us to Nagoya.

Daimyo, Fukuoka's Hip District

Located near the Tenjin district, Daimyo is the trendy district of Fukuoka from the shops of big brands to small thrift shops , cafe, bars, restaurants, nightclubs ... Everything is there!

Takarazuka Revue

Founded in 1914 by the industrialist Ichizo Kobayashi, Takarazuka Revue is a 100% female musical theatre troupe, which has become a national institution for the Japanese showcasing extraordinary pe



Take a tour of Tokyo's wilder, darker side! How? By visiting Kabukicho, realm of parties and excesses of all kinds...

Helianthus Café

Baby-friendly Cafes in Tokyo

Not easy to take a coffee break with baby! Fortunately, the city of Tokyo has many "baby-friendly" cafes!

N331 Coffee Shop

You dream to watch the trains go by while sipping coffee? Then get off at the next stop for N331 Café!

The 3 Best Terraces in the Capital

Attention photographers! Here are three unusual terraces in Tokyo to enjoy stunning views of its urban landscape.

The Former Imperial Capital's City Hall

Built in 1927, the Kyoto City Hall is one of the few architectural remains of Japan before the war still visible in the city center of Kyoto.


Traditional Arts at Gion Corner

Kyoto is the soul of Japan, and the heart of its culture has been nourished by a thousand years of unbroken tradition.

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo

Where to watch a sunset in Tokyo?

Seeing Tokyo as the city lights come on is exceptional. Here are our recommendations on where  to watch a sunset in Tokyo.

The tea house Kanadian

The Kanadian tea house

To those who believe that the mix between an underground bar and a tea house cannot work, rendezvous at the Kanadian.

The Cellar

The Cellar

No, the Japanese do not spend all their evenings sipping sake in a hostess bar in a geek neighborhood listening to J-Pop (Japanese pop).

Osaka-za theater Shôchiku.

Osaka Shôchiku-za

Amid the buildings of the Dôtomburi neighborhood, decked out in neon lights, a strange building catches the eye of passersby.

Frenz Bar

Frenz Frenzy

Frenz Bar claims to be the first gay bar in Japan. A famous address where to enter, you have to show your good humor.



Located in the old Umeda district of Osaka, Amanto is more than just a tearoom, it has the objective of renewing forms of collective engagement.

Billboard Live Room

Billboard Live

Jazz is a big hit in the Japanese concert halls. Many artists perform at Osaka's Billboard club. A great place to get a glimpse of contemporary Japanese scene.

Seoul Factory

Seoul Factory

This venue is now closed. You can find more bars and cafes suggestions in Osaka here. 

Nagoya Station, two cylindrical towers that form the world's largest train station.

Nagoya Station

The Guinness Book of Records has proclaimed it the "largest station in the world"... But what goes on in the 400,000 m2 and the two cylindrical towers of the huge Nagoya Station?

Nara Hotel

Nara Hotel

Not outdated in the Japanese modernity, this establishment, a wooden architectural gem located on the heights of Deer Park, has long been considered one of the finest hotels in the country.

House Fushin'an tea

Fushin'an Tea House

The Fushin'an tea house of the Omotesenke family has perpetuated the ceremonial rites related to this famous drink since the sixteenth century, and more recently, through its foundation.

Client ING bar


"I know it's only Rock'n'Roll and good Beer but I like it, it's so good !! »

Rolling Stones

Independent coffee

Independants Café

Nestled in a sun colored building with architecture reminiscent of the Catalan Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), Independants Café has all the facets of a good arty venue. 



Walls of the same color as the light foam that covers your espresso, a selection of small home made ​​dishes, soft music, colorful chairs to curl up in...

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

Its dimensions are staggering: 282 meters high, 3 911 meters long, a budget of 500 000 billion yen. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is undoubtedly one of the biggest bridges in history.

The stunning views of Tokyo hosted by the New York bar in Shinjuku.

The New York Bar

A breathtaking view, a touch of jazz, delicate cocktails, an upscale experience that flirts with the stars, and images from the Sofia Coppola film, "Lost in Translation".

Waseda Shochiku Cinema in Shinjuku is one of the oldest theaters in Tokyo.

Waseda Shochiku Cinema

The rain is pouring, you're feeling tired. It is time to rest a bit and go to see a picture in one of Tokyo's oldest cinemas: the Waseda Shochiku.

Day or night, the alleys of Shibuya Maruhan not always full of players rarely.

Pachinko Maruhan

Like a large cube, Pachinko Maruhan features colorful facades with manga and video game heroines, from which a continuous and deafening noise escapes. Come and try your luck!

Facciata del Karaoke Kan di Shibuya.

Karaoke Kan


A national institution, karaoke is everywhere in Japan, a cozy room good to go to for a few hours or all night, to escape a reality that can sometimes be difficult to bear.

The facade of the Bonobo bar in Shibuya, the smallest cocktail bar in Tokyo.

The Bonobo bar

In the heart of Harajuku, hidden behind a transparent curtain and a heavy wooden door, lies the smallest cocktail bar in Tokyo.

Golf is one of the most popular sports in Japan.

Golf in Tokyo

Along with sumo and baseball, golf is one of the favorite sports of Japanese people.

The front of the new kabuki theater (Kabuki-za) in Ginza.

New Kabuki Theater

On April 2nd, 2013, three years of silence were broken by the echoes of Japanese traditional drums. The Kabuki-za of Ginza returned to life in its new architectural clothing signed Kengo Kuma.

Blue, green, red, Rainbow Bridge Tokyo aptly named.

Rainbow Bridge

At dusk, the white pillars are dressed in red, blue and green light. Hence the name Rainbow Bridge. 798m long, 127m high, traffic flow on two floors, it is one of the symbols of Tokyo.

The Moomin Cafe, not far from Tokyo Dome, a curious companion keeps company singles.

Tokyo solo

Tokyo is a wonderful city, but huge. While visiting alone can be fun, it can sometimes get lonely during meal times or in the evening.

The lobby of the National Theatre in Tokyo provides access to two rooms of the building.

Tokyo National Theatre

Tokyo National Theatre hosts kabuki (spectacular scenic entertainment) and bunraku (puppet theater, born in Osaka in the seventeenth century) performances.

The bar at Shibuya Club Unit is very well supplied.

Unit club

Located just steps away from Daikanyama Metro Station, this club / live house surprises and enchants on three floors. Each level has its atmosphere.

Decibels and neon reflect the excess that reigns in the nightclub The Womb in Shibuya.

The Womb

Shibuya at night. Neon lights shed their cold light on a long queue. There is no sign, just a metal door behind which hides this Tokyo nightclub.

The atmosphere caulked the Trump Room in Shibuya.

Trump Room

The Trump Room is now permanently closed. You can find other bars, clubs and pubs listed here.

The Bagus Gran Cyber ​​Cafe mangakissa in a workmanlike. Internet, anime movies, video games, all for a good night.

Bagus Gran Cyber ​​Café

In the bustling Shibuya, Bagus Gran Cyber ​​Café presents the traditional services of a mangakissa for a mere 1 500 yen for eight hours. An unlikely home for one night, as a temporary halt.

Ryogoku Kokugikan on a sanctuary of sumo in Tokyo.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

It's at Ryogoku Kokugikan that you understand the spirit of sumo: close to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, this mythical stadium can accommodate up to 13 000 people.

Albatross G Bar

At the heart of Kabukicho, a district with a concentration of love hotels, hostess bars, pachinko and restaurants, Golden Gai is a small haven of darkness and false tranquility that for a few hour

The waitresses dressed in maid (maid) of the Home Café will call you master.

Home Café

In the electric Akihabara, do not hesitate to stop at Home Café, where waitresses dressed as maids serve you coffee or snacks to the sound of "okaerinasai!" ("Welcome home!").

Club Ageha in Tokyo is the largest nightclub in Tokyo.


Ageha (butterfly in Japanese) is the most popular and biggest club in Japan, four gigantic stages and smaller hidden ones, an impeccable sound system and quality programming that clubs around the

Itsuki Café

Itsuki Café

A coffee aficionado in Miyajima might be unexpected.

Cafe Bambino

Cafe Bambino

A place to relax after a day on the island of Miyajima.

Café MB Year

Mo-An Café

One of the most beautiful views in one of the most secret Kyoto cafes.

Gekkeikan Sake factory

Sake factory Gekkeikan

"Sake for the body, haiku for the heart"

Taneda Santoka (1882-1940) in Zen, sake, haiku

Hello coffee Bibliotic

Café Bibliotic Hello!

The Kyoto-ite students rave about this cozy place to relax between classes or revise their papers in a place deserving of the name "just like home". Go check it out!

Bar Baby Rick Kanazawa

Baby Rick

A sudden urge for spirits and a trip to an American jazz bar? To get your fill, Kanazawa has a very yankee address, Baby Rick.

Noh theater Kyoto Kanze Kaikan

Kyoto Kanze Kaikan Noh Theater

Classical Japanese theater, registered in 2008 as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Unesco, Noh is characterized by its extreme restraint.

Nightclub 8Hall

Hall 8

Want to find your rhythm after a peaceful day at the temples of Kanazawa? At night, the club 8 Hall welcomes you to reconnect with the dancefloor.

In Shinjuku, the 8bit cafe is a paradise for lovers of retro video games.

8bit coffee

A place designed especially for otaku (manga, video game and anime fans) and geeks? No, 8-bit, is a bar, a café, a small restaurant and an old-school game center.

Noh theater Ishikawa

Ishikawa Prefecture Noh Theater

A scene covered with a roof, which advances towards the public. In the front, pine and cypress trees spread their branches. The silence. A song rises. The play begins.

Caravel Bar

The best Sapporo hotel is home to a luxurious and discreet bar, which in the half-light, offers the best stocked whiskey cellar in northern Japan.

Cafe Lotus in Hiroshima

Cafe Lotus

Tatami floor, DJs and younger customers at the bar in the heart of Hiroshima where you enter barefoot.

J cafe in Hiroshima


Night owls in Hiroshima have found their refuge: J-Café. A comfortable place, nice atmosphere, and quiet charm.

Nawanai Hiroshima


Looking for a refuge during your evening stroll? Suddenly a red light appears and takes you underground. Welcome to a typical izakaya of Hiroshima. Its name: Nawanai.

Hanshin Beer Garden

Hanshin Beer Garden

The Hanshin Beer Garden is now closed. Find more pubs and bars in Osaka here. 

Windows on the World restaurant

Windows on the World

A breathtaking view of Osaka, its buildings, its colors ... foreign businessmen as well as tourists from all different horizons, occupy the tables at Windows on the World.

Namba Bears

Namba Bears

Small, smoky, dark and very cramped, the Bears Bar is worth a look!

Grove Café

Grove Café

In the heart of a small cherry orchard, Grove Café invites customers to escape the hustle and bustle of Osaka to take tea or have dinner.

Grand Café

Partygoers come together at the Grand Café. Hosting many local and international DJs, this is THE club for revellers in Osaka who are missing the dancefloor.

Administrative center Daishi Kyokai

Daishi Kyokai

Long after the death of its founder, Kukai, known in Japan as the Kobo Daishi (774-835), the Shingon sect decided to organize itself to protect its valuable teachings and better disseminate them.

Picot bakery

Picot Bakery

Who said you can't find an authentic croissant in Japan? It's possible at Picot.

Dolphin Port

A pleasant beachfront, ideal to satiate your appetite and admire Sakurajima the other side of Kinko Bay

Bunraku theater

National Bunraku Theatre

Osaka's golden age was accompanied by the golden age of bunraku.



Horns, neon lights, karaoke, pachinko, and good restaurants: No doubt, Kokubuncho is the liveliest district of Sendai, and the entire Tohoku region.


Kan kan mura

In Japan, themed bars are all the rage.

Japan Visitor - kabukicho20191.jpg

Shinjuku Nightlife

Shinjuku Nightlife: read a guide to the nightlife available in Tokyo's Shinjuku district including Kabukicho and Ni-chome.

Japan Visitor - king20191.jpg

Gay Osaka

Read a Gay Guide to Gay and Lesbian Community Centers, Bars, Clubs, Stores, Cinemas in Osaka by Japan Visitor.

Japan Visitor - 2019lgbt3.jpg

Gay and Lesbian Tokyo

See Gay and Lesbian Tokyo listings: bars, clubs, listings, links, useful telephone numbers.

Shinjuku nichōme, Tokyo

Gay Shinjuku

Read a Tokyo gay guide to a gay night on the town in Tokyo's gay Shinjuku Ni-Chome.

With Asahi Sky Room, visitors can have a drink while contemplating Tokyo from above.

Asahi Sky Room

Near Asakusa, on the banks of the Sumida river, stands a building bearing the name of a famous Japanese beer brewery!