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Discover Lake Kawaguchiko, at the foot of Mount Fuji!

From March 16, 2019, a new train has started running from Shinjuku Station twice a day (at 8:30am and 9:30am) to reach the city of Kawaguchiko in less than 2 hours!

The new "Fuji Excursion" train

For many visitors to Japan, Mount Fuji is an unmissable destination. The new "Fuji Excursion" train mean that now you can visit Mount Fuji directly from Shinjuku Station, one of the largest railway stations in Japan. Before now, the trip from the capital was long and complicated, but thanks to this new train, the journey is direct and the travel time will be reduced to just 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Seated in a modern and comfortable train, you'll see the city gradually become less and less dense as you travel. In good weather, Mount Fuji can be seen on your left after a twenty minute ride, at Tachikawa. Once you pass Hachioji station, the landscape changes completely and you'll discover the true Japanese countryside.

On the way, the train stops at Fujikyu Highland (or Fuji-Q Highland), Japan's largest amusement park. The park is full of roller coasters, attractions and much more.



Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Kawaguchiko is one of five famous lakes surrounding Mount Fuji.

Around Kawaguchiko many activities are on offer: hiking around the lake on foot or by bike, panoramic views of the lake and Mount Fuji from a cable car, or you can visit one of the many museums (like Itchiku Kubota Art Museum).

Traveling with a Japan Rail Pass

This train can be used with a Japan Rail Pass if you pay a surcharge of 1,140 yen. A reservation is not mandatory, but without one you aren't guaranteed a seat.

When you activate your Japan Rail Pass, or at a later point during your stay in Tokyo, just go to a JR station to reserve your seat and enjoy this experience!

If you don't plan to buy a Japan Rail Pass, it's advisable to book your ticket in advance, since if you don't make a reservation you won't be guaranteed a seat. The total price for a reserved seat ticket is 4,060 yen.

Kawaguchiko by bike

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