Tokyo 2020: recycled metal medals

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Official designs of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

2012 Olympic medals, London

2012 Olympic medals on display in London (British Museum)

Tokyo stadium

Eco games

Old appliances, digital cameras, tablets, computers and phones will be used to create medals for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Japan.

Electronic waste from old items will be recycled and converted into bronze, silver and gold medals.

Old is new again

As of April 2017, the Tokyo Olympic Games Committee has decided to recycle old smartphones rather than buy new metal. This action not only reduces costs but promotes recycling and sustainable development. During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, about 30% of the medals came from recycled materials! Japan has taken its cue from Brazil and wants to increase this amount to offer 100% recycled medals. The country's desire to promote a sustainable society before and after the upcoming Olympics.

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The Tokyo Olympic Committee estimates they must collect 10 kilograms of gold, 1,233 kilograms of silver and 736 kilograms of bronze, according to the number of medals previously produced. 2400 collection points are now available throughout the country, at the stores of the Japanese distributor NTT Docomo.

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