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Motonosumi Shrine

Yamaguchi Guide

All the way on the southern end of Honshu Island, just north of Kyushu, is Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Memorial at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Park

The symbol of a national tragedy and now preserved as a peace memorial, dedicated to promoting peace and looking to a brighter future.


Visit of Ôkunoshima island

Ôkunoshima, declared " kyukamura ", literally "village to rest", is a small island located off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture in the Setouchi Sea (Inland Sea of Japan).

The Joei-ji garden

Yamaguchi City

At the south-eastern tip of the island of Honshu, a stone's throw from the southern Kyushu, the city of Yamaguchi sits quietly on the banks of the Ichinosaka river.

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Yamato Museum Kure Hiroshima

The Yamato Museum in Kure, Hiroshima is dedicated to the Yamoto battleship, the largest of its type when launched in 1940.

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Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Motonosumi Inari Shrine on the Sea of Japan coast in Yamaguchi Prefecture has a line of 123 vermilion torii gates in a beautiful setting.

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Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum is quite a large art museum located adjacent to the Shukkeien Garden with displays of Japanese and Western art.

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Omijima Boat Tours

Omijima Boat Tours: the island of Omijima is famous for its stunning coastline and is known as the Marine Alps. It is a day trip from Hagi in Yamaguchi.

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Hiyako Samurai District Hagi

Hiyako Samurai District in Hagi is the least well-known of the town's samurai districts but is also an Historic Preservation District.

Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park

Akiyoshidai Quasi-National Park is a huge plateau located at the southwestern point of the island of Honshu.


The Hirayama Ikuo Museum

In the Seto Inland Sea, the small island of Ikuchijima was the birthplace of one of Japan's most famous contemporary painters, Ikuo Hirayama (1930-2009).

Kosan-ji Temple

When they want to give their mother a gift, some children give flowers, write a poem or compose a song.

Musée préfectoral d'art Hiroshima

The Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art

In the heart of Hiroshima, the prefectural museum of art offers fine collections, including works by renowned European artists.

Hagi Castle

Hagi Castle is located on the Abu River Delta, at the western tip of Honshu Island. Surrounded by hills, the castle was built by the defeated Mori clan after the Battle of Sekigahara.


Built on the delta of the Abu-gawa River and bordered by the Sea of Japan, Hagi, a former castle town in Yamaguchi prefecture, delights visitors with its location and numerous historical sites.

Beaches on the Shimanami Kaido

Shimanami Kaido

Beloved by cycling enthusiasts, the Setouchi bike path called the Shimanami Kaido, is known worldwide.


Situated in the sea facing the city of Hiroshima, the island of Ninoshima is steeped in history. During the Second World War, it served as a refuge for the Japanese.

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Mutsu Memorial Museum

Mutsu Memorial Museum: the Mutsu Memorial Museum, in Ihota, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is dedicated to the the Japanese battleship Mutsu, which sank near here in 1943.

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Mitarai Guide

Mitarai: read a guide to the port town of Mitarai on Island in Hiroshima Prefecture. Mitarai used to be the largest brothel in the Inland Sea during the Edo Period.

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Hiroshima In A Day

Hiroshima In A Day: how to spend an enjoyable and thought-proving day in Hiroshima. Visit the A-Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park followed by Hiroshima Castle.

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Yanai Guide

Yanai is a charming, small, historical town on the south coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture and well worth a day trip from Hiroshima, or a stop on the way down to Kyushu.

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Onomichi Travel Inland Sea

Onomichi (尾道) travel: Onomichi a pretty town in eastern Hiroshima Prefecture along the Seto Inland Sea close to the Shimanami Kaido and several nearby islands.

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Kure Travel Guide

Kure (呉) is a port and ship-building city on the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. Kure is the second oldest naval dockyard in Japan and a base for the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF)

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Shimo-kamagari & Kami-kamagari

Shimo-kamagari & Kami-kamagari are two islands off the coast of Kure in Hiroshima Prefecture.

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Osaki-kamijima Island

Osaki-kamijima Island (大崎上島) is one of four small islands off the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture. The others are Osaki-shimojima, Kami-kamagarijima and Shimo-kamagarijima.

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Tobishima Kaido

Tobishima Kaido is a 46 km cycle route that crosses the Aki Nada Islands via seven bridges, and offers some wonderful coastal scenery and seascapes with little traffic.

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Takehara Guide

Takehara is a small port city in Hiroshima Prefecture, on the Inland Sea, once an important salt production center and now a Little Kyoto famous for its preserved traditional Edo Period streets.

Tsutsumigaura Nature Park

The beaches of Hiroshima

Located on the northern coast of the Seto Inland Sea and surrounded by islands, travelers can combine cultural visits and water pursuits when visiting the city of Hiroshima.


Tanabata at the Shukkei-en Garden

From 1st to 7th of July, the city of Hiroshima celebrates the feast of the stars, Tanabata.

Cycling in Edajima, Near Hiroshima

Visit Hiroshima by bike

Very flat, the city of Hiroshima is ideal for getting around by bike. In addition to being an ecological means of transport, the bicycle will make you discover the city from another angle!

Le Monument de la Paix des Enfants est entouré de milliers d'origami en forme de grue, symbole de la paix

The Children's Peace Monument

The Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima pays tribute to Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who died as a result of the atomic bombing, and to all the children who perished in the tragedy.

Une rue traditionnelle de Saijo, à l'est d'Hiroshima


The small town of Saijo, located about forty minutes from Hiroshima, is a must-see for all sake lovers, and for good reason: Saijo is considered one of the three major sake-brewing districts in Jap

Petit chat près du sentier étroit des chats à Onomichi

Onomichi Cat Trail Walk

Located between Hiroshima and Okayama, the town of Onomichi, by the Seto Inland Sea, is a haven of peace. Classified as a national heritage, it is also known for being the city of cats.

Parc du château d'Hiroshima : endroit idéal pour le hanami entre amis

Top 5 places to see cherry trees in Hiroshima by our Travel Angel, Alexis

Discover the city of peace under the pink branches covered with sakura . Flowering begins on March 28, 2017.

Cenotaph memorial

The Hiroshima and Miyajima Top 10

Unmissable places, great restaurants and local specialties: Alexis, our local Travel Angel in Hiroshima, reveals his top things to do there.

Hiroshima Museums

Hiroshima museums: see a listing of museums and galleries in Hiroshima city and Hiroshima Prefecture including the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

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Shimanami Kaido Cycling

The Shimanami Kaido is a 60 kilometer cycle-friendly expressway that links the main island of Honshu with Shikoku via a series of bridges connecting half a dozen islands.

Omishima Guide

Omishima guide: read a guide to Omishima in the Inland Sea and its many museums including the Tokoro Art Museum, the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture and the Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum.

Oyamazumi Shrine

Oyamazumi Shrine on Omishima island is a must-see for visitors interested in historic samurai arms and armor.

Kubota Residence Hagi

The Kubota Residence in Hagi, Yamaguchi is a well preserved Edo period house and gardens of a prosperous family of kimono makers.

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Tsuwano Castle Ruins

Tsuwano Castle is now in ruins with only the stone walls in evidence but there are tremendous views from the castle over Tsuwano town.

Sandankyo Gorge

Located about 75 minutes drive north-west of Hiroshima, Sandankyo Gorge offers a breath of fresh air in an exceptional location.

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Sankeien Garden Hiroshima

Sankeien Garden near Hiroshima Airport is a modern strolling garden of 60,000 square meters which opened in 1993. It is famous for iris.

Innoshima Guide

Innoshima is a small island of just under 40 square kilometers in the Seto Inland Sea between Honshu and Shikoku known as the home of the Murakami pirates.

Futabanosato Walking Trail

Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail is an approximately 10km route that connects with 16 historic shrines and temples in Hiroshima.

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Fudo-in Temple Hiroshima

Fudo-in Temple in Hiroshima survived the atomic bomb in 1945 and is an historic Shingon sect temple with its buildings dating back to the 16th century.

Hiroshima City Naka Incineration Plant

The Hiroshima City Naka Incineration Plant was designed by architect Yoshio Taniguchi and is a masterpiece of function and form.

Hiroshima Peace Pagoda

The Hiroshima Peace Pagoda was built on a hill overlooking Hiroshima city in 1966 by followers of the Nipponzan Myohoji sect of Buddhism.

Nagato Museum of Shipbuilding History

Read a guide to the Nagato Museum of Shipbuilding History and the Kurahashi Historical Folk Custom Museum on Kurahashi Island, Hiroshima.

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Museum of Naval History Etajima

The Museum of Naval History is located on Etajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture and is set among historic buildings on the campus of the First Service School of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense For

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Hiroshima City Transportation Museum

The Hiroshima City Transportation Museum aka Numaji Transportation Museum in Hiroshima is a fun trip out for parents and their children to ride the Crazy Bikes and see a huge panorama of a futurist

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Memorial Cathedral of World Peace Hiroshima

The Memorial Cathedral of World Peace in Hiroshima was inspired by Reverend Hugo Lassalle and designed by Japanese architect Murano Togo.

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JMSDF Kure Museum

The JMSDF Kure Museum in Kure, Hiroshima charts the minesweeping activities of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and includes a visit to the interior of a decommissioned Japanese submarine,

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Mazda Museum Hiroshima

The Mazda Museum in Hiroshima offers a free 90-minute tour of the museum and mazda production line including vintage Mazda cars.

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Onomichi Guide

Onomichi in Hiroshima is a small town clinging to steep hillsides on the Inland Sea coast with many movie and literature connections that recall an earlier time in Japan.

J cafe in Hiroshima


Night owls in Hiroshima have found their refuge: J-Café. A comfortable place, nice atmosphere, and quiet charm.

Cafe Lotus in Hiroshima

Cafe Lotus

Tatami floor, DJs and younger customers at the bar in the heart of Hiroshima where you enter barefoot.

Marina Hop

Marina Hop

If the rest of the city went underwater but the entertainment area was saved, Marina Hop would be fine.

Onsen Megahira


Outside the walls of the city, perched on the peaks, the Megahira onsen made ​​excessiveness its creed.

Hijiyama-koen Park in Hiroshima


When the cherry trees are adorned with white bloom for spring, Hijiyama-Koen Park breathes life and freshness just outside of the city center.

Children's Museum of Hiroshima

Children's Museum

Happiness and carefree laughter in Hiroshima...take your children to learn and laugh at the Children's Museum.  

Nawanai Hiroshima


Looking for a refuge during your evening stroll? Suddenly a red light appears and takes you underground. Welcome to a typical izakaya of Hiroshima. Its name: Nawanai.

Shukkei-park in Hiroshima


Water slips over the scales of carp, toddlers play barefoot on the grass, a breeze caresses the trees... In good weather, this garden is truly serene.

Chupea Pool

Chupea Pool

A few kilometers from the center of Hiroshima, the open air pool complex Chupea Pool enchants its swimmers.

Museum Hiroshima Peace

Peace Memorial Museum

How to face the inhumanity? How to accept the horror and overcome the past?  Like a migraine, these eternal questions remain.  Why?

Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

Breathing legacy, peace, and the celebration of the present. The golden rule of Hiroshima? Maybe. But it sure is at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Hiroshima Museum of Art

Museum of Art

With mostly modern paintings, this art museum in Hiroshima displays the works of renowned artists, international and Japanese.

Tosho tofu restaurant in Hiroshima


Japanese cuisine never ceases to surprise. Textures improbable, unexpected tastes, there is always something to amaze our taste buds. The adventurous should definitely go to Tosho restaurant.

Village Glass

The glass village

Forget the dark and smelly workshops of master glassmakers! Here, the molten sand takes shape in a Disney-worthy setting.



In medieval Japan, each province was ruled by a feudal lord, or daimyo. At the end of the sixteenth century, these leaders were seized by madness and many of them built magnificent castles.

Ikari Jinja in Hiroshima


Wedged between two buildings, this green alley invites passers-by to escape from the urban bustle.

Mitakidera Temple

Mitakidera Temple

On a mountainside, three waterfalls flow into the forest; a deity would have been sheltered there. It does not take more than that for a temple to appear: the Mitakidera.

Shirakami-sha in Hiroshima


Overshadowed by skyscrapers and other glass buildings, this Shinto shrine is responsible for a crossing between two ages. 

Port of Kurahashi


South of Hiroshima is a beautiful beach with a legendary reputation, far away from the concrete and bustle: Kurahashi.

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Onomichi Temple Walk

The Onomichi Temple Walk in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture takes in the town's scenic temples including Senko-ji, Saikoku-ji and Jodo-ji.

Hiroshima Hondori Shopping Arcade

Hondori Shopping Arcade

Its name hondôri literally means "main street". However, no buses, cars or traffic lights. For pedestrians, the street invites all those who come to shop.

Khaki-tei restaurant in Hiroshima


Discover an intimate bistro at the water's edge making specialty oysters!

Kamiya-cho ShareO

Kamiya-cho Shareo

With a shopping center, an information center and an underground station, Kamiya-cho Shareo has offered both easy access to public transportation and cafes, restaurants, small shops, and banks sinc

barge kanawa


A barge with colorful tunes kindly lingers along the rivers of Hiroshima ... this restaurant serves only the best oysters!

Flower Festival in Hiroshima

Flower Festival

The Flower Festival of Hiroshima attracts tens of thousands of people, and it is continuing to grow.

International Animation Festival

Animation Festival

It is impossible to reduce a western cartoon to Walt Disney. Similarly, Japanese animation does not stop at Miyazaki Hayao and Ghibli films.

No No Budou restaurant in Hiroshima

No No Budou

If Mother Nature had to put her nose in the kitchen of a restaurant, she probably would choose No No Budou. Here, the worship of good food is king.

Yukata festival in Tôkasan

Tôkasan festival

In Hiroshima, wearing the yukata (light cotton kimono) is an over 400 year old tradition.

Ebisu festival in Hiroshima

Ebisu Matsuri

From November 18th to the 20th, the "Ebisuko" or Ebisu Matsuri is held in honor of the god of commerce, merchants, fishermen and prosperity.

Yale Yale A-Kan

Yale Yale A-kan

Fancy a shopping trip to the Japanese core? Yale Yale A-kan is no exception to the gigantism and exuberance that characterizes Japanese malls.

Festival-ichi Fushigi

Fushigi-ichi Festival

At Yokogawa Station station on the third weekend of April, the streets are invaded by characters from Japanese cartoons for a unique and popular show.

Fine Grapes Restaurant in Hiroshima

Beaux Raisins

Discover a French diner in the heart of the city of peace!

Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda

Sanctuary dedicated to world peace and contemplation, the Peace Pagoda dominates the entire city of Hiroshima from Mount Futaba, whose rise wooded slopes offer a very nice walk in any season.

Lanterns memorial ceremony in Hiroshima

Remembrance Ceremony

August 6th, 1945 ... This date rings in the ears of an entire country, like a heartbreaking cry.

Hiroshima oysters kakidon

Where to eat in Hiroshima

From oysters to okonomiyaki, an organic buffet to tofu restaurants and gourmet pastries, Hiroshima will never fail to surprise your taste buds. Here's a guide to the eateries of the city.

Mihara Castle

Mihara Castle in Hiroshima Prefecture was built by Kobayakawa Takakage in 1567 to enhance the control of the coastline by the powerful Mori clan.

Japan Visitor - iwakuni-castle-105.jpg

Iwakuni Castle Yamaguchi

Iwakuni Castle: Iwakuni Castle in Yamaguchi Prefecture is a concrete reconstruction built in 1962, a copy of the original Edo Period castle built between 1601 to 1608.

Nosaka Pottery

Nosaka Pottery: read a guide to the fine pottery produced at the Nosaka kiln in hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Japan Visitor - kikuya-house-1.jpg

Kikuya Residence Hagi

Kikuya Residence Hagi: read a guide to the historic Edo Period samurai house and garden, Kikuya Residence, in Hagi, Yamaguchi, Japan.

Japan Visitor - hiroshima-castle-4.jpg

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle: read a guide to Hiroshima Castle (Carp Castle) in central Hiroshima city, destroyed by the atomic bomb and rebuilt in 1958.

Onomichi Castle

Onomichi Castle: Onomichi Castle near Senkoji Park in Onomichi, Hiroshima, was built as a replica castle in 1964.

Fukuyama Castle

Fukuyama Castle: read a guide to Fukuyama Castle, a mainly reconstructed castle in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan.


Ikuchijima: read a guide to the island of Ikuchijima in the Inland Sea famous for the temple of Kosan-ji.

Aiba Waterway

Aiba Waterway: the Aiba Waterway in Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture is an historic canal that flows into a number of Edo Era houses.

Japan Visitor - okunoshima-1.jpg


Okunoshima: read a guide to Okunoshima Island in Hiroshima famous for its rabbits, hot springs and a World War II-era Poison Gas Museum.

Tokoji Temple

Tokoji Temple: read a guide to Tokoji Temple in Hagi famous for its stone lanterns and tombs of the Mori clan.

Japan Visitor - taikodani-3.jpg

Taikodani Inari Shrine Tsuwano

Taikodani Inari: read a guide to Taikodani Inari Shrine in Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture, the fifth largest Inari Shrine in Japan.

Japan Visitor - tonomachi20181.jpg

Heron Dance Sagimai Tsuwano

The Heron Dance Festival or Sagimai is a unique dance that occurs in Tsuwano in south west Japan in July.

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Tsuwano Guide

Tsuwano guide: read a guide to Tsuwano in Shimane prefecture, including Tsuwano sights, festivals and accommodation details.

Japan Visitor - hamadaguide20181.jpg

Hamada Guide Shimane

Hamada guide: read a travel guide to Hamada in Shimane Prefecture, south west Japan.

Japan Visitor - masuda20193.jpg

Masuda Guide Shimane

Masuda City & Hotel Guide: read a guide to Masuda in Shimane Prefecture including Masuda temples and shrines, hotels and images.

Iwakuni Guide

Iwakuni & Iwakuni Castle Travel Guide. Read a guide to Iwakuni in Yamaguchi famous for its castle and Kintai Bridge. Find Iwakuni hotels and travel details.

Japan Visitor - hori-1.jpg

Hori Teien Tsuwano

Hori Teien: read a guide to the old Hori family Edo Period house and gardens at Hori Teien, Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture.

Japan Visitor - hagikitamon.jpg

Hagi City Guide

Hagi guide: read a travel guide to the historic town of Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, southwestern Japan.

Tatara Ohashi is now the 4th longest cable-stayed bridge in the world

Tatara Bridge Ikuchiyama - Omishima

The Tatara Bridge (Tatara Ohashi) connecting the island of Ikuchijima in the Inland Sea with Omishima, boasts a center span of 890 meters.

Takayoshi Kido Residence Hagi

Takayoshi Kido Residence: Kido's residence is preserved in Hagi's Horiuchi quarter and is a simple Japanese-style house with tatami matsin lots of small rooms.

Dangyo Gorge Dangyokei Shimane.

Dangyo Gorge Dangyokei Shimane

Dangyo Gorge is located off Route 261 south of Imbara Station on the JR Sanko Line. The area and the limestone gorge is part of the Dangyo Gorge Kannondaki Prefectural Nature Park.

Ruriko-ji Temple

Ruriko-ji Temple in Yamaguchi City

Ruriko-ji Temple 瑠璃光寺: This pagoda at Ruriko-ji temple in Yamaguchi City is one of the three most important 5-storied pagodas in Japan.

Akiyoshido Limestone Cave Yamaguchi

Akiyoshido Cave - Japan's Largest Limestone Cave  秋吉洞: To date, more than 400 caves have been discovered beneath Akiyoshidai, the largest karst in Japan.

Yamato Museum, Kure, Hiroshima.

Yamato Museum Kure Hiroshima

Yamato Museum Kure Hiroshima: the centerpiece of the museum is a 1:10 scale model of Japan's Yamato battleship, the largest battleship when built in 1940.

Akama Shrine, Shimonoseki.

Akama Shrine Shimonoseki Yamaguchi

Akama Shrine is the foremost shrine in the Shimonoseki area and enshrines the Emperor Antoku, the 8-year-old Emperor drowned at the Battle of Dannoura 1185.