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Out of the city, off the beaten path, and into the Japanese countryside

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A successful trip is often made by the people you encounter on the way; spending time with one of our Travel Angels gives you the opportunity to forge a more personal link with Japan and Kanazawa, while preserving your freedom as an independent traveler.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Chris has been living in the Ishikawa area for 6 years, and loves getting out of Kanazawa city to explore the countryside. Chris will show you his favorite spots, as well as take any requests for places you want to explore.


If you want to get out of the city and explore the Japanese countryside, but perhaps don't feel confident renting a car, this tour is for you. Chris will pick you up at your hotel, and take you on a great one day adventure outside of the city and into the countryside.

A driving tour to the Noto Peninsula looks something like this, but every trip is a bit different.

Leave Kanazawa in the morning and head towards the Noto Peninsula. After a short drive on the highway, drive 8km on the sand next to the Japan Sea at Chirihama beach driveway. Here is a wonderful place to stop, breathe in the ocean air, and maybe take a couple of photos on the beach.

From here, take back roads through small towns, rice paddies, old temples and untouched countryside. There are some great stops for photos of rice paddies and old Japanese houses.

Soon you'll arrive at Wakura Onsen town. This lovely small onsen town has just a couple of streets and nice parks right on the bay across from Noto Island. Here, you can enjoy a foot onsen overlooking the bay and Noto Island. There is also a very famous cafe here with a view over the bay.

Lunch time! Whether you feel like enjoying a local sushi lunch or something at a small family-run Japanese restaurant, your lunch will be fresh and filling.

Driving over the long bridge between Wakura and Noto Island is great. Noto island has some wonderful views of the ocean and a couple of small fishing towns. Soon after Noto island, on the way to Wajima town, there is a giant buddha that makes a nice stopping point.

After this, you'll continue on the Wajima town, a small coastal town famous for lacquerware. Here you can stop, walk around, visit some galleries, and also visit the famous Senmaida, thousands of rice paddies on a steep hillside next to the ocean.

From Wajima you'll head back to Kanazawa by a different route, stopping at the famous Soji-ji temple, coastal shrines, and smooth drives through more of the countryside.

After a full day of experiencing life outside the city in Noto Japan, Chris will drop you back off at your hotel, and be happy to suggest somewhere for dinner, helping with reservations if needed.

The tradition of Kanazawa city and the splendid natural surroundings will make this area an unforgettable part of your experience in Japan.


You will be picked up in the morning from your hotel in Kanazawa. Your guide will get in touch with you before the tour by email to decide on the places you would like to visit and things you would like to see on your tour.

For more than 4 participants, extra fees will apply. Children are considered as a full participant.

Latest review

Nov 2018

Had a really nice day. Thank you again for all the pre trip assistance as well. 

Nov 2018

We really enjoyed our day with Chris.  Thanks again for being a great guide!

Aug 2018

Thanks for the wonderful drive. We had a great time. 

Aug 2018

Thanks again Chris for this beautifull day.

Aug 2018

Thank you very much for yesterday’s tour in Noto. I have enjoyed it a lot and it was very relaxing (Wakura onsen and rice fields, Japan sea etc). Thank you so much.

Jun 2018

‌‌THANK YOU Chris. It was a pleasure for us to see the country side of Japan !
And your english is very easy for non english people !!! 

Apr 2018

Many thanks, we had a great day visiting and talking with you, and we were very please to meet you.

Apr 2018

Thank you so much for the Noto peninsula tour we had with you yesterday.
It was very interesting and we enjoyed your explanations.

Apr 2018

The trip to Noto Peninsula was magical. Chris' manner, expertise, kindness and judgement was the guiding force behind the trip. The outdoor onsen, the thread dropped from the heavens between the magnificent boulders in the sea, the Sea of Japan, the Buddha , the zen temple, the lunch , the amazing artists, the conversations and his insights - the conversation with the workers on their land. Needless to say it was an amazing time , a perfect introduction to Kanazawa.
Thank you for your professional and your generous spirit. We are grateful for the work you put into showing us some of the treasures in your Kanazawa.

Apr 2018

Thanks a lot for the excursion that the whole family enjoyed thoroughly.

Aug 2017

Thanks again for the nice and cool tour, it was great to see the Japanese sea and cost side after all the temples in Kyoto and the mountains in Takayama and before the crowded and busy Tokyo !!

May 2017

Thank you for all, it was a fantastic day.

Apr 2017

Thank you for the day in Noto. We had a great time with you. Eager to come back soon and spend more time in Wajima, Kanazawa and the region. Thanks to you!

Jan 2017

Thank you for this day filled with beautiful views.  And for all the information of restaurant and places to visit. 

Nov 2016

Thank you very much for the Noto tour and the information about Kanazawa.

Oct 2016

I had a great day. Thank you for showing me another side of Japan and for being such a good host.

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