Soba, preparing and tasting

The opinion of Japan Experience

The region of Matsumoto is famous throughout Japan for the quality of its Soba (noodles made with buckwheat flour), thanks to the exceptional quality of the local environment.
Just a few meters away from Matsumoto Castle, you can therefore taste this traditional Japanese dish and even have a go at preparing it yourself. This is an excellent and enriching experience to share with your family or some friends, and an unforgettable way of discovering Japanese gastronomy.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Sylvain knows every step of traditional Soba making inside out. He will therefore be able to help you communicate with the Soba Master as you make the noodles and he will advise you on the best ways of tasting the Soba.

At the end of the meal, he will give you the recipe for making Soba, in French or in English, so that you can have another go at making the noodles at home and invite your family and friends to share a typical Japanese meal with you!


The activity is divided into two stages:

Preparing and cutting the Soba:
after a short introduction video presenting Soba and explaining the different steps involved in making them, from preparation of the dough to cutting up the noodles, you will be able to start making this traditional Japanese dish.
Along with your Travel Angel and under the watchful eye of a Soba Master, you will get a step-by-step guide to all of the stages involved in making these noodles.

Soba tasting:
once the noodles have been cut, you will proceed to the restaurant where the Soba Master will cook you the very Soba that you have made yourself and will then be able to taste!
Your Travel Angel will be by your side to advise you on the best ways to eat Soba in its different forms – hot or cold or even with Tempura (fried vegetables).

After the meal, you will also be able to look around the boutique and buy a few presents and souvenirs for people.

Located just a few meters from Matsumoto Castle, it is easy to come and take part in this activity before or after you visit the historic castle.

The activity takes about two hours (one hour on average for each stage) and in groups of two people (an individual person will be charged the same price as a group of two people).


You can fix up a meeting place anywhere in Matsumoto city center.

Your Travel Angel will contact you by e-mail a few days before you arrive to fix a time and place to meet up. He will provide you with advice on the best way of getting there, depending on where you are coming from. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have before you arrive.

The price for this activity includes making and tasting a basic dish of Soba - you will need to pay for any extras (tempura, snacks, drinks, souvenirs…). Children will be charged the same price as adults.

Activity available in French or English.