Dinner with your Travel Angel in Takayama

A taste of Takayama

The opinion of Japan Experience

Over great food and drink, sit down with your Travel Angel and get a truly personal look on Japan and the bustling town of Takayama.

Your Travel Angel's plus

Since his arrival in Takayama, your Travel Angel has been eating up all that Takayama has to offer. Knowledgeable about local restaurants for a variety of budgets, sit down with him and you’ll get to hear a local's view of the town.


Takayama has wonderful mountain produce. Although the specialty is Hida Beef, Takayama is also known for its miso paste and mountain vegetables. Takayama has so many different restaurants that you can try a range of different local specialties, from Hida beef sushi to mountain vegetable skewers!

But where to go? You don’t just want to choose at random from a travel website, you want to go where the locals go. Maybe find somewhere you wouldn’t go on your own. No need to worry. Koba will help you pick a restaurant that is local, and just right for your stomach and your budget. Sitting down for dinner at a great Japanese restaurant, find out all you need to know about Takayama and get an international view on life in Japan.

Some options could include a famous Takayama local restaurant where you grill the food right in front of you, or a local unagi (eel) shop that serves some of the best unagi in town! The options are endless, and also very delicious! Whatever you want to eat, your Travel Angel will help you find it and give you a truly enjoyable evening.


The meeting place can be anywhere in downtown Takayama. Your guide will get in touch with you a couple days before the dinner by email or phone to decide about the restaurant and decide a meeting time and place.

If there are more than 4 participants, extra fees will apply. Children are considered as full participants.