Cooking workshop at your house

Japanese home cooked meal at your house

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Time to relax at the dinner table, but also to learn the basics of Japanese family cuisine, gaining knowledge that you will be able take back home with you as a lasting souvenir of your trip.

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This activity is only available to people renting « Japan Experience » houses and for groups of two people or more

After a day exploring, you will meet Itsuki at the closest grocery store to where you are staying, and she will help you choose the fresh produce* which will end up on your table.

When you arrive back at the house, while dinner is being prepared the Travel Angel will teach you the basis of katei ryori, simple and balanced family cooking which is found on most tables in the evening in Japanese households.

Finally over a pleasant meal, you'll be able to learn much more about the tastes of Japanese people, learning about memories of Japanese childhood food, or perhaps the tradition of bento… 

* You are responsible for paying for fresh products (vegetables, meat and fish, usually cost between 500-900 yen per person).
We will provide the rice, condiments and other basic products.


Your travel angel will wait for you at the chosen grocery store depending on where your rental house is located.

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Foret Family
Jul 2018

All the family enjoy the cooking and eating the meal.
Thank you a lot