On the Tea Road, full day tour

Discover the towns built on tea: Wazuka and Uji

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Discover the fascinating world of tea, the mythical drink of Japan, Asia and the world. An original excursion far off the beaten track for tourists, making contact with an authentic and ancestral locality.

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Our local Travel Angels have of course explored the city, on foot or by bicycle. But also the surrounding mountains, on foot and by bus. When exploration is in your blood, the desire to always see what's around the next corner holds can't be ignored: our guides know the feeling well, and are eager to take you on a road trip to see the more rural side of Japan.


You will leave Kyoto on a minibus driven by your guide, and head east towards the great Lake Biwa. After a glimpse of modern day Japan's residential and commercial areas, you'll reach the Setagawa, the river into which the waters of Lake Biwa flow.

The first minka, Japanese countryside buildings, appear and you'll take the small local road which runs along the right-hand bank of the waterway.

The signs of civilisation disappear little by little, and the wild Japanese vegetation underlines the contrast. The other side of Japan,wild and primitive with woodland and rivers, awaits.

Here as well, however, man has managed to tame this profusion of life and create some magnificent rural panoramas. The deciduous and pine forests open up in places to make room for the first tea trees, which are arranged in long, regular tunnels. Pretty villages with grey-tiled roofs and the now omnipresent tea fields border the small, rural roads.

You will arrive at Wazuka, one of the hot spots for Japanese green tea plantations. Wandering on foot through these small valleys is a unique and relaxing experience. It's often possible to spot groups of monkeys frolicking in these labyrinths of greenery. If you like to take pictures, get your camera out!

Leave Wazuka in the late morning and, having first gone over a small but pretty steep hill, you'll head north towards Ujitawara where a very pleasant couple awaits you in their little factory.

This is where you will of course be tasting several types of tea which come from the nearby fields, trying to gain insight into the subtleties of this drink. But even more importantly, you'll be able to experience the warmth of Japanese hospitality and the pleasure of spending time with passionate people.

Get back on the road and then drive across the great Amagase Dam, which holds back the waters of the Setagawa, becoming the Ujigawa and forming a small lake.

Leave the vehicle behind for a while to walk among the prosperous and venerable houses of the town built on tea until you reach the entrance of Byodo-In.

This temple is splendid! This is the temple pictured on the 10-yen coin and which is one of a select group of UNESCO world heritage sites. Sadly, it is often overlooked in favour of the other more well-known sights in Kyoto.

The opportunity is too good to miss! Don't deprive yourself of the chance to admire it, as well as its illustrious neighbour, the Shinto shrine of Ujigami, which is also classed as a world heritage site and which you'll find on the other side of the river, nestling at the foot of the mountain. Then finally, at the end of the day, return to Kyoto.

After this trip to the valleys that saw the birth of Japanese tea, we'd be willing to bet that the bright green liquid in your cup will take on a whole new flavour for you… 

The price displayed is the price per person, including the visit, meals and transport.

Find an account of "a day on the tea road" at the blog Mélanie et Charles (French language blog).

Please kindly note that this activity may be conducted in French due to the availabilty of the guide on the day.


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Valérie P
Jun 2018

I would like to comment on the visit I made on June 9th with our guide Daisuke on the tea route. The visit was very nice and Daisuke was able to share his love of tea. He taught us things we didn't know about planting, harvesting.... It was a very enjoyable time to share and I thank him.